Training Program

We are excited that you are interested in swimming!  It is a great life-long sport!

The training program is open to all ages and ability levels. The only swimming requirement is that you are able to make it across the pool unassisted. Don't worry about your strokes, Coach Kelsey will teach you technique as you build your endurance!!! 

While not officially part of MHEA swim, the Ric Nuber YMCA has graciously offered a training program for students needing their PE credit as well as new swimmers of all ages wanting to get their feet wet so to speak to see if swimming is their sport.  Our own Coach Kelsey oversees the program at the YMCA.

Practice Schedule:  

School Schedule:
- Practice will be offered multiple times weekly at the Ric Nuber YMCA (5885 Quince Rd Memphis, TN 38119)

-There are 2 practice options for you swimmer depending on their age, choose which one fits your schedule best during the week (if you need to mix and match, that's ok too!)

           Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3-4pm 


           Monday-Thursday from 5-6pm for swimmers 11 and over
           Monday-Thursday from 6-7pm for swimmers 10 and under

Coach - Kelsey McDonald


Training Program FAQs

Season runs year-round 

My middle and/or high school student has never been on a competitive swim team. Is the training program the best place to start? Many of the MHEA middle and high school athletes compete for two teams, their school team and a competitive USA Swimming team. A competitive USA Swimming team require more of a commitment and required practices. Not all school swimmers desire nor are ready for that type of training and competition. The purpose of the training program is to give swimmers a place to practice in a more relaxed atmosphere. Several MHEA swimmers have decided that they wish to go further in the sport potentially swimming in college. If your swimmer wants more than the training program can give, we will help you find the best USA Swimming team to fit your needs.

My student is in elementary grades. Are they eligible for the training program? Yes, ALL ages are welcome. An early start is beneficial for the athlete and team. Beginning at a younger age helps an athlete master the strokes early and begin building endurance. They also develop a love for the sport as well as learning the discipline required to be a part of a team sport in a fun environment. This season we will be participating in the MSSC, a year round league dedicated to competition in swimming for beginners, and swimmers of all ages. This is a perfect place for your swimmer who is not yet old enough for Middle or High School swimming.

My student swims in our backyard pool but doesn't really know the strokes. Do they need to learn the strokes before joining the training program? No, all abilities are welcome. The only swimming requirement is to be able to make it across the pool unassisted using any stroke, ie underwater, dog paddle, etc. The coaches are there to teach proper stroke technique.

My student has a busy schedule. Are they required to be at all practices? No, the coaches understand that every family has scheduling challenges. Practices are available five days a week but you are not required to attend all practices. Most beginning swimmers average two to three practices each week adding as their endurance and desire develops. During the summer months, practices are held in the afternoons only. During the school season, practices times are available both in the morning and afternoon to help with your busy schedule. You can pick which works best for your schedule. Of course, the more practices that are attended the more success your swimmer will achieve.   


We hope to see you at the pool!!