It takes the metaphorical village to operate the machine of NC Swimming & Diving. Most of our parent needs come from running our meets/competitions. Timers, head timers, computer operators, announcers, etc. Most positions don't require any training or only require a brief shadow with an experienced parent. Many of our other needs center on providing meals for our athletes, some social functions, Senior Night, and light publicity. Your swimmer or diver puts in A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT to the sport. Nothing says "I support you" better than volunteering-- your swimmer/diver knows you are supporting them!

How to Volunteer:  

  • Below you will see a summary of the various positions necessary to help NC Swimming & Diving!
  • In the Events section you will see a list of volunteer events listed by date. Many of them are on the same page as a meet. For example, timing needs for a particular meet will be linked with that meet. It is expected that all NC Swimming & Diving families contribute to the operation of our great team. All families with freshman or sophomores are expected to contribute a total of 4 meet  positions throughout the season, which averages out to volunteering at half of our meets. All upperclass families (Juniors and Seniors) are expected to contribute the same, plus pick up a leadership position or chair a committee.

Meet Operations- dual meets

Position Description
Timers 20 necessary per meet; operates stopwatches behind each lane. Records times on sheet of paper. No experience necessary. Reports 30 minutes before start of meet.
Head Timer 1 to 2 positions per meet; sets up stopwatches, clipboards, and pencils for timers, organizers timers into lanes, light Q & A for timers possible. Reports 45 to 60 minutes before meet start time.
Meet Manager Computer Operator 1 to 2 positions per meet; process times as they come in from timing system, seeds meets, prints psych sheets and timers sheets. Previous experience necessary. Report 60 to 75 minutes before meet start.
Colorado Timing System Operator 1 to 2 positions per meet; runs timing system computer and scoreboard during meet. Previous experience necessary, however training session/shadow is only 25 minutes. Report 30 minutes before meet start.
Runner 1 position per meet; helps makes copies of psych sheet for distribution to timers and officials, post results on wall in pool area,
Post Meet Clean-up 1 to 2 positions per meet; Removes timing components (touchpads, back up buttons, starter box & cables)  from pool. Light cleaning of timing equipment. Position starts
Announcer 1 to 2 positions per meet; sets up announcing equipment and announces meets. Shadow positions available. Reports 45 minutes before meet start time.
Concessions  1 to 2 positions per meet; Runs concession during our meets. Concession stand already stocked/very little prep work necessary. Reports 45 minutes before meet start time.
Diving Organizer 1 position per meet; helps set up diving speaker, table, and score-cards for the diving end. No previous experience necessary. Reports 45 minutes before meet start time.
Diving Announcer 1 position per meet; announces dives for each diver. Previous experience necessary in the diving community. Reports 30 minutes before meet start.

NC Invite and Sectional- same positions above, plus the following:

Assistant Meet Director- 1 position per meet, helps organize meet operations for these meets. Meets with head coach and athletic department 2 weeks before meet, making sure volunteer positions are covered. Helps manage flow of incoming teams and officials on site during the meet. Previous meet experience necessary, however previous meet director experience NOT necessary.

Awards- Sectional finals only- helps put labels on ribbons and distribute for the awards podium.

Officials- Sectionals only, 4 USA Swimming officials necessary to make meet eligible for USA Swimming time database. 1 official "point-person" necessary.

Hospitality- runs hospitality room for 1) NC Invite - food during the meet for 15 (budget provided) as well as order pizza for swimmers after the meet and 2) Sectionals food for 50 (again, budget provided) for both Thursday PM prelims and Saturday's finals session.

Committees- it is expected that parents of Juniors & Seniors also help by joining one of our committtees

Senior Night

Social/End of Season Parties



Concessions/Booster Club Rep

Volunteer Coordinator

Welcome Crew