Team Communication- can be by any/all of the following methods. Please make steps to have all these routes covered for the season:

1. Hard copy- periodically ask your swimmer or diver if any notes were sent home

2. Email- to both parents and swimmers, via this website. Our system is very "email" based. Your account username is your family's "primary" email address (usually the parent that will be most in-charge of directing your child on our team), and the system walks you through the completely private password selection. You can add up to 3 more email addresses per your account. We strongly suggest one of these your swimmer or divers email so that they also get copies of all team communication. THIS IS OUR PRIMARY MEANS OF COMMUNICATION. If you are not receiving team emails, please send note to the coaches or use the Contact Us link that is directly to the left on this screen. It will send an email to the team administrators/coaches.

3. Remind 101. This is a free text message service that you sign up for where you only RECEIVE updates and alerts sent by coaches & senior swimmers. Text 81010 and type @ncswim or email [email protected]