Collegiate Blackshirts

Blackshirt Swimming and Diving has had hundreds of athletes continue their careers at the collegiate level.  From D1 through D3, from walk-ons to scholarship athletes.  We are proud of your accomplishments as Blackshirts,  and are over joyed that swimming and diving played a positive enough role in your lives to continue it on at the next level.

Check out some of our athletes that have gone on to compete at the college level.  If you are not on this list please email me a photo and the school you attended so I can add you to this page.  Email me at [email protected] .


Nathan Carlson - UW-Milwaukee


Molly Manchon - UW-Madison


Addison Skogman - UW-Milwaukee


Kaitie Scanlan - Eastern Michigan University

Kennedy Tranel - Iowa State University

Emma Baertlein - University of Northern Iowa

Jonathan Jaworski - UW- Whitewater


Conrad Farrell - UW - Milwaukee


John Acevedo - University of Cincinnati


Abby Jagdfeld - UW- Madison


Lizzy Baertlein - East Carolina University


Kaersten Meitz - Purdue University


Alicia Beam - UW - Milwaukee


Courtney Sheehan - Fresno State University


Natalie Clausen - Florida Atlantic University


Kierston Farley-Sepe - Illinois State University


Elise Borja - University of Iowa


Alyzza Cruz - St. Louis University


Kyle Gerum - UW - Milwaukee


Alec Carlson - UW- LaCrosse


Max Gatzke - UW - Milwaukee


Ryan Finke - UW - Milwaukee


Eric Oberst - Indianapolis University


Collin Neitzel - UW - Madison


Natasha Pellegrini - Carroll University


Sara Janz - Carroll University


Sara Zemanovic - UW - LaCrosse 



Chris Stanczyk - Louisiana State University


Noah Potratz - UW - Green Bay


Arianna Gorenc - Oregon State University


Samantha James - UW - Steven's Point


Gabe Castillo - UW - Steven's Point


Derrick Rendon - Carthage College


Sam Wade - Carthage College


Maddie Farrell - Illinois State University


Megan Anderson - St. Cloud State University


Frances Dent - University of Maine


Brent Schwartz - UW Steven's Point


Daniel Streater - UW LaCrosse


Liz Kleveno - George

Mason University


Lauren Szolyga -

Minnesota St - Mankato


Mikala Leppla -

UW LaCrosse


Clair Martin - University of Illinois Chicago


Pamela Breitrick - University of Iowa


Andrew Derzay - Ohio

Northern University


Meghan Jagdfeld -

UW - Milwaukee

Jacob Carlson

UW - Madison

Dave Wanner -

UW - Green Bay

Samantha Brovelli -

Carroll University

Carrie Beede -

Carroll University

Matt Reiners -

Wright State University

John Stanczyk -

UW - Whitewater

Kayla Skenandore - 

North Carolina State 


Jacob Kittilstad - 

University of Minnesota

Alexander Swain -

Eastern Michigan


Morgan Farrell - 

Miami of Ohio

Allison Schaser -

Miami of Ohio

Gwen Jorgensen -

UW - Madison

Tristine Schmidt -


Haley McDonald -

University of Nebraska -


Dave Melville -

UW - Madison

Eric Ehrke -

Ohio State University

Jack Illing -

Ohio State University

Ryan Hendricks -

Ripon College


Ben Schick -

Ohio University


Jeff Butt -

West Virginia

Matt Gardner -


Laurie Gardner -



Matt Hink -


Jeremy Bodus -


Troy Christiansen -


Tracy Vanderveldt - 


Kelly Vanderveldt -


Betsy Aushwitz -

Northwestern University

Morgan Hamm -

Indiana Universty