Volunteer descriptions

NOTE: an asterisk (*) delineates volunteer positions needed ONLY at home meets

Positive Check In/Bullpen Coordinator (5:15pm)  - Volunteers post list of meet participants for positive check in. Positive check-in closes 20 minutes into warm ups. They must stay with the posted sheets, and monitor signatures/highlights of swimmers as they enter the meet. Volunteers take positive check-in results to meet managers so final heat sheet can be printed. The Bullpen Coordinator assists the Age Group Bullpen Parents by  advising them how a meet works, keeping up to date on the races and advising Bullpen Parents of meet dynamics (i.e., are we ahead of schedule? Where do swimmers line up?) At the Conference Meet, the Bullpen Coordinator checks the swimmers who have already reported to the main bullpen area against the official heat sheet, gets them into the correct lane order, and sends the swimmers to the starting blocks. 


Timer (5:45pm) - Operates stop watch and records times.  Must attend Timers mtg 15-20 min before start of session.


*Runner (5:45pm)  - After the timers record swimmers' times on a sheet of paper and after the Finish Judge records the finish order of a heat, the Runner is responsible for quickly collecting all the slips of paper and running them to the Timer's Station. This requires someone who can move quickly and keep the pace of the meet on schedule.


Awards Table/Ribbons (6:45pm/7:30pm/7:30pm) - Responsible for getting the award labels from the computer person, placing them on the awards and filing awards in appropriate team bags. 


*Announcer (5:15pm) - Announces all information pertinent to meet including event number and heat #. Should have strong, clear voice and be able to read and pronounce a wide range of last names. Should feel comfortable maintaining the  pace of the meet.


Finisher (5:45pm) - Also known as "Pick Judge"-  Insures that finishes are done legally and records the finish order for each heat.


Age Group Bullpen (5:15pm)Age Group Bullpen Parents are responsible for sending (8 & under, 10 & under) or taking (6 & under) swimmers in their assigned group to the appropriate lane where the swimmers are lined up for their event.  Age Group Bullpen Parents are not babysitters.  Parents need to supervise their younger children at the swim meets.


*Hospitality (5:15pm) - Volunteers serve snacks and drinks to coaches, officials and other volunteers working at the meet.


*Tabulations Table (6:00pm)Volunteers enter the meet results into the computer in an efficient and detail oriented manner. Volunteers should feel comfortable entering times/data into the computer.