Swim Meet Info

Swim Meet Information

Swim meets are a wonderful way for your children to showcase what they have learned, spend time with their new swim friends, and learn to demonstrate sportsmanship as they cheer on their team.  We encourage every child to attend a maximum of five swim meets during the summer season.  Two of these meets must be away meets.  Typical swim meets are 2 to 3 hours long.

When to arrive:  Please have your gator arrive at home evening meets at 6:00 pm (away meets, 6:15pm) and Saturday home meets at 7:00 am. (away meets 7:15am)  Please arrive on time.  Weekday evening meets usually begin between 6:45-7:00 pm and Saturday morning meets usually begin between 7:45 and 8:00 am.  

What to bring and wear:  Prepare for any sort of weather on meet day from cold to rain and wind.   Bring at least 2 towels for your child, a sweatshirt, team t-shirt, and sweatpants for your child to wear in-between their events.  Your child should wear their team swimsuit to the meet and will also need to bring goggles and a swim cap (for girls).  We recommend that you bring water, your child’s favorite healthy snacks, a sleeping bag or blanket for your child to sit on (usually it's a grassy area), bug spray, sunscreen, and something for them to do between events. 

Where to go when you get there:   When you arrive at a home meet, look for a table that has been set up for check in by age group and gender.  Every swimmer needs to check in by highlighting their name.  At away meets, please look for a coach with the check-in sheet so they can check you in.  After checking in, look for our team area and coaches.  Once the kids get settled in, we will head over to the pool for a short warm up.  After warm up, the kids will return to the team area, learn about their meet events (see below), and participate in a brief team meeting and cheer before the start of the meet.

Heat and lane assignments:  Your swimmers events, heat and lane assignments will be posted on a bulletin board along a fence or wall within our team area at every meet.   After the kids have finished warm up, look for the posting area.  A Sharpie marker is a handy thing to bring to the meet as heat and lane assignments can be written on your swimmers’ arms so that they can easily remember them.  The younger swimmers will be called to the "bull pen" for each event they are swimming by the bull pen coordinator.  Your child needs to pay attention to the events being called, and should report to the bullpen area when their event number is called.  Then, they will be lined up in the order of their heat and lane.   It is the swimmers’ responsibility to get to the bullpen when their event number is called by the bullpen coordinator

Coaches at the meets:  Coaches will be on the pool deck during the meet.  All swimmers are asked to check in with their coach immediately following each event they swim at the meet.  This allows time for coaches to give feedback to the swimmers about their event.  Parents and swimmers not being coached at the moment should avoid standing around the coaches’ area as to be respectful of the other swimmers and coaches in the area.