• Weekday Evening Meets - - Volunteers check in with the Meet Coordinator by 6:00 PM

  • Saturday Morning Meets - - Volunteers Check in with the Meet Coordinator by 7:15 AM

  • If you are unable to attend a meet you have signed up for, and it is too late to remove your name from the sign up online, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

  • All volunteer positions require you to work the entire meet.

  • We ask every family to sign up to Volunteer a MINIMUM of 2 meets. We may ask for additional help, as needed.  

  • If your Gator competes at our final A or B Conference meet, you will be expected to work as a volunteer for this meet in some capacity - either meet day - or for our pre-conference spirit party!   


  • Timers receive stopwatches from our Meet Coordinator. Please remember to return that stopwatch to your Meet Coordinator at the end of the meet.

  • There will be a Timers Meeting on Deck. Please listen for the announcement. 

  • If you want credit for working the Meet, please remember to check in with the meet coordinator.

  • There is one HEAD TIMER at every Home Meet. Please only sign up to be a Head Timer if you are an experienced Timer. 

  • All volunteers work the entire length of the meet.  If you are a timer, please stay in your lane until the Meet is over.


  • You will receive Heat Sheets to line-up the Gators & a microphone to announce the Events you are lining up. Please call swimmers who are not present. Do not go looking for them.

  • Line up Gators according to Events & Heats.

  • One or two Bullpen volunteers will walk the swimmers to the pool and make sure they are in their appropriate lanes (mostly needed for 8 and unders and 9-10 Gators).

  • Please keep track of the pace of the meet and what event is currently in the water.  This will help you figure out when swimmers need to be lined up at their assigned lanes.  If swimmers are late, the meet will be delayed, or Gators may miss their race :-(.   

  • If you want credit for working the Meet, YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH THE MEET COORDINATOR!

Thank you for volunteering! 

We could not run our meets without the help of Gator parents!