Technique Video Links


Backstroke Finish Video- 

Butterfly technique- 

          - Look specifically at her head position when breathing (it stays down), and also the deep press of her shoulders.        

Backstroke technique-

          - Pay special attention to 5:00 to 5:05. Watch the entry of Missy's hand into the water (pinky first), as well as her head postion (her head stays back). Her stroke is also a perfect example of the shoulder roll in backstroke. 

Breaststroke technique-

          - Kevin is from Naperville and went to Nequa Valley High School in Naperville. He is currently a favorite to go to the Olympics this summer in the breaststroke events. At the start, keep an eye on his pullout underwater. He creates maintains a ton of speed off of the block and off of the walls by doing this. Also watch the position of his ankles. They point to the side which work almost like a paddle with his feet for more speed. Finally, watch his breath. He only comes high enough out of the water for a breath, and after he has taken it, he drives forwards with his shoulders back into the water. 

 Sprint freestyle technique-

          - There's a lot going on here, and fast. First pay attention to Adrian's start and breakout. He leans forward into the start, and once in the water, he drives 4-5 quick dolphin kicks before going into a powerful flutter kick into his breakout stroke. Most importantly, take a look at 3:26. Watch how fast Adrian takes his breath. He doesn't hang on to it, he gets his face in and out just fast enough for a breath, then puts his face right back into the water. This is what we mean when we talk about swimmer's hanging onto their breath. Finally, check out 4:00. Here, Adrian goes into body driven freestyle. What we mean by this, is that Adrian arms go straight, and he spins them as fast as he can while still maintaining a good clean hand entry. Notice that he does not slap the water. 

 Finally, here's a little pre-meet pump up for you :)-