Conference Meet Info

Championship Conference Meets - These meets are super exciting and fun but are much longer than our regular season meet because we are competing against every team in our conference – 7 teams!

  • Gators check-in at 6:30am, the meet officially begins at 8:00am and the meet typically ends around 2pm and A Conference is usually over by 1:00 pm. 
  • The viewing area at Conference meets are limited and are a rotating spectator area. Spectators are only be allowed to sit in this area when they have a swimmer in the water racing. Unfortunately, saving seats and staying in your seat when your Gator is not racing is not be allowed. We set up a large designated area for Gators and families to spend time between events (bring your folding chairs, bug spray, sunscreen, picnic blankets, etc). 
  • Gators must swim in three regular season meets to be eligible to swim in Conference. 
  • Prepare your Gator for the meet.  They should bring proper fitting goggles, a team cap and their team suit, a couple of towels and blanket to sit on.  Also bring snacks and activities to do in between events (games, crafts). During the meet, they need to be in our designated Gator team area so they can keep track of when they are called to bullpen for lineup.
  • There is a concession stand open during Conference meets selling food and beverages, or you can bring your own food.
  • There is one 20 minute break after event #40 for the coaches and officials to eat lunch and to swap out the volunteer positions. Typically, Conference meets end by 2:00pm.