Tips for Meets

Tips for Meets

There are 78 events in each meet. Boy’s events have odd numbers and girl’s events have even numbers. Each swimmer is responsible for listening and reporting when their event is called.

There are times when there is no supervision in the camp area, appropriate behavior is expected at all times.

All items should be labeled so they don’t get lost. Additionally, no valuables should be brought to the meets.

Tips for Parents/Guardians:

If you are helping at a home meet, arrive at the pool at 4:40 PM in order to find out about the job that you will be doing.

Tips for Swimmers:

  1. Kids will meet outside the front entrance for each home meet to get their race numbers from their coaches.
  2. Coaches will tell each swimmer which events they are to swim and write the numbers on the swimmer’s arm prior to the meet.

Things to bring to swim meets include:

  1. Lawn chairs for parents and/or blanket to sit on for swimmers
  2. Shade device (some pools have no shade)
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Swim gear – swimsuits, goggles, cap, towels, etc.
  5. Something quiet to do (cards, travel games, etc.)
  6. Drinks, if desired (please avoid pop) juice, sports drinks, water, etc are good choices.  If you freeze a bottle, it will melt slowly.
  7. Food, if desired, nutritious foods are best, veggies, fruit, sandwiches, Jell-O, granola bars, etc.
  8. Bag for garbage
  9. Dry clothes and/or warm clothes for cool or wet weather

Swimmers should:

  1. Set up a camp area to rest in the shade
  2. Avoid very strenuous play in order to conserve energy for your events
  3. Clean up your area after the meet