Meet Sign-Up - HOW TO


1. Sign in to the Team Website.

2. Click the Meet/Job Sign-Up link at the top of the Team Website page.

3. Click the button "ATTEND/DECLINE” to the right of the meet.  (The meets are listed under the photo on the home page.) 

4. Click the name of your child. (You will need to do this for each child in your family).

5. Under the drop-down menu choose either YES or NO. If you choose YES, click the box marked “ Day 1/Session 1”.   Otherwise, click NO.

6. Click “Save Changes”. You will be brought back to your member page that shows you have “Committed” or “Not Committed” to the meet. Make sure you do this for ALL of your kids on the swim team!

7. The deadline to sign up YES or NO for meets is the Friday BEFORE the meet. You may make changes up until that point. You may sign up in advance for all meets. PLEASE LET A COACH KNOW IMMEDIATELY IF YOUR STATUS CHANGES AFTER THE DEADLINE!

6. When finished, click HOME at the top left of the page.