Cancellation Policy


We will announce any weather related cancelations 60 MINUTES before the first scheduled practice in cases where weather is DEFINITELY not going to improve. In cases where it is questionable, we will announce 30 MINUTES before the first scheduled practice. Our practices are very important and we want to be able to make the best decision regarding the changing weather while still being sensitive to your schedules.

We will cancel practice if the air temperature is below 60 and not forecasted to warm up.

Use your best judgment and the temperament of your child as a guide. Some kids love to swim in the rain because there are fewer at practice, the water is often warmer than the air and it's kind of neat. Other children are traumatized at the thought and you will struggle to get them back in the pool the rest of the season.

We will notify swim team members via email and post on the website ( and Facebook.

The decision to cancel will be based on the opinions of the Head Coach as well as the Board Members, in combination. One single person is not responsible for making the decision.

Our first and foremost concern with severe weather threats is the safety of our swimmers and coaches.

We will follow the same protocol for swim team practices and meets as the Decorah Pool. The pool will immediately close when there is an electrical storm or the imminent threat of one in the immediate area. If there is thunder or lighting, the pool will clear for 30 minutes. If practice ends early due to weather, you are responsible for picking up your child(ren) as quickly as possible.