Conference Information

Northeast Iowa Swim Conference

The Northeast Iowa Swim Conference, NEISC for short, is a summer swim team conference in northeast Iowa. The conference consists of nine community-based swim teams, the following list are the members of the NEISC. 

  • Calmar Area Swim Team
  • Cresco Swim Team
  • Decorah Swim Club
  • Elkader-Strawberrry Point Swim Team
  • Manchester Swim Team
  • Monona-Postville Swim Team
  • Sumner Area Swim Team
  • Waukon Swim Club
  • West Union Swim Team

The end-of-year conference meet is rotated by every team in the conference, except for the Cresco Swim Team. The 2021 conference meet will be held in Calmar. The rest of the order is as followed: Monona-Postville, Manchester, West Union, Waukon, and Elkader/Strawberry Point, Decorah