As has been the case in previous seasons, purchasing the team suit is not required. 

This year we are trying to avoid changing suits to allow families and swimmers that can still use last year's suit to use it without purchasing another one.  Because of this, we are unable to work through other ways to order at one time as new suits are out and some of the places we have worked through before can't guarantee stock in all sizes for our suit from last year.  We have found multiple sites where parents can order the suits if you need to order one.  We want to provide you with some links to help in your search along with what the suits are called to enable any purchasing.  As we said at the top of this, purchasing or owning this suit is not required to be on swim team.

These are also not the only places to get these suits, they are just some of the places we found them.

Women's/Girl's Suits - TYR Women's Vesuvius Maxfit - Color Blue/Green


Men's/Boy's Suits - TYR Vesuvius Hero Splice Jammer - Color Blue/Green - this one is slightly different, but close to our design from last year