The date of the first practice will be determined by the coach

  1. Swim practices are Monday – Friday
  2. There will be morning practice the day of meets to work on starts and turns.
  3. Practices will be held once daily. 7:00 – 8:00 am will be for ages 11 and over; 8:00 – 9:00 am will be for ages 10 and under. Please ONLY attend your scheduled time. This will ensure that everyone gets worked with equally and will avoid overcrowding of the lanes.
  4. We would like every swimmer to make it to all practices during the week. We would like to know if you will be on vacation, other activities that you would need to leave practice early, etc.
  5. The pool has lap swim available for anyone who wishes to use this time to gain endurance or work on their strokes. This will be on your own. Coaches will not be present. Check the pool  for times of lap swim. (Usually 6-7 am and 5-6 pm).
  6. Communication files are used to provide information regarding meets, fund raisers, etc. Ribbons are also distributed through these files. The files are set out for swimmers to access every practice.
  7. Practice changes/cancellations due to weather, etc will be communicated via text message and email.
  8. A PARENT email ( or text us if you will not be having practice, or having times come up that you won't be at practice.  Please do not tell us at practice, it is hard to keep all of that straight.