Pre-Competitive Swim

Pre-Competitive Team:

Pre-Competitive Swimming: Pre-Competitive swimmers should be able to swim 25 meters unassisted.  Swimmers who are 11 years of age or younger, know only one or two strokes, and/or can swim 25 meters without stopping, will most likely be pre-competitive swimmers.  Pre-competitive swimmers will swim 25-meter events in the pre-competitive meets and will practice in a 25 meter setting.  This is not intended to teach children to swim, but is to develop their strokes and endurance to prepare them for competition.  Advancement to the competitive level will be the decision of the coaches.

Our Pre-Competitive team is for those swimmers aged between 6 and 11. Generally, they have never been on a team and are not the strongest swimmers.  However, this is not swim lessons.  The swimmer will need to be able to swim freestyle, or close to freestyle, an entire length across the pool, without help of the coach.  If they are unable to do this, we suggest another year of swim lessons to prepare for our team.

Practices (10:55 AM to 11:45 AM).

We practice at Black Bob Bay, swimming across the pool.  This is 25 yards long.  Our goal for practices is to create a fun environment where we can work on one or two strokes a day.

Swim Meets:

The athletes are encouraged to compete in our simple swim meets that are held on Saturday mornings, from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM, approximately.  There may also be a couple of Pre-Competitive intersquad meets on Friday morning.  Please check the team calendar for dates.  If the swimmer is unable attend, we do not hold that against them.  There are no sign-ups for the meets, just show up and race!

The pre-competitive season is over at the conclusion of the last swim meet.