The Olathe Cyclones’ Dive program is open to all skill levels and it is our mission to teach the sport of diving in a fun but safe environment.  First and foremost, we teach proper safety and technique.  Diving must be learned in the right steps and with the right progressions.  All of that begins with proper technique foundation, both on the board and in the air.  Although competition meets are offered, divers are not required to participate in them.


We offer three one-hour practice session times for the divers: 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  We ask the divers to arrive at practice fifteen minutes early to allow for stretching and warm-ups.  You can choose the practice time that meets your family needs’ best; however, we do try to keep practice participants as even as possible to allow divers maximum time with the coaches/on the boards. Please indicate on your registration form which practice your diver plans to attend on a regular basis.


Divers MUST meet the following criteria in order to be entered as a competitor for any meet:

7U: Perform two dives with a proper approach (jumps allowed)

9U: Perform three different dives with a proper approach (one jump allowed)

11U: Perform the different dives with a proper approach (no jumps allowed)

13U: Perform four dives from two different categories* with a proper approach

15U: Perform three voluntary dives from two categories* and two optional dives from two other categories

18U: Perform one voluntary dive and five optional dives from four categories

* Dive Categories: Backward, Forward, Inward, Reverse & Twist.


We are able to enter three competitive divers per age group/sex combination.  Depending on the host team, we may be able to enter additional divers as “exhibition”.  Due to the size of our team, we typically have more divers in each age group/sex combination than we have competitive slots available per meet.  We will do our very best to make sure EVERYONE has equal opportunity to compete in meets (this happens through a rotation system).  We do have the ability to enter divers “up” in age group if they meet those qualifications (see below) and are willing (it is always their choice).  This does give us the opportunity to maximize our entries and give as many kids a chance to dive as we can.


Warm-ups for the 7U, 9U and 11U’s will begin at 5:30 PM (we ask they be at the pool by 5:15 PM in order to stretch).  The meet will commence at 6:00 PM.  We start with the youngest age group and work our way up.

The divers in the 13U, 15U and 18U need to be at the pool by 6:45 PM.  Their warm-up will begin after the 11U’s finish.

The divers are allowed to leave after they finish competing, but it is always nice to have them stay in order to watch, learn and support their teammates.

We do need parent volunteers to help at every meet.  If your diver is diving, please plan to volunteer during one additional age group (we will make sure it’s not while your child is diving).


Like other meets, we are limited to three divers per age group/sex in the All-City Championship (there is NO exhibition).

The coaches keep track of everyone’s performances (total score) during the regular season.  It does not matter if they were diving competitive or exhibition, all of their scores count towards All-City Championship consideration.  At the conclusion of the meet season, we will base All-City Championship entries off the following:

  1. Meet participation (minimum of three); credit will be given when athlete signed up to compete but meet was "full"
  2. Three divers in each age group with the highest average score
  3. Behavior and participation at practice

Ultimately, the coaches will decide which three divers will compete in the All-City Championship, but the majority of the decision is based on meet participation and their scores.