Team Suits/Caps

            2019Team Swim ​Suits & Cap                    



Swimmers are encouraged, but not required, to wear the KRA team suit. Having a team suit does make it easier to identify our swimmers during meets to cheer them on! 

We will be in the same Speedo Hydro Amp suit for the 2019 season.  Suits will be available to try on and purchase at the swim & dive team fitting day on Sunday, May 5th. We strongly encourage everyone to buy the team suit at the open house because the swim team will get 5% back on all suit sales that day. The cost of the girls suits will be $62.34 and the boys suits will be $41.28. 

If you cannot purchase your suit at the open house you will need to go to The Virginia Swim Shop, 754-3402, located at 12207 Gayton Road to try on and purchase your suit.

We will also have silicon KRA swim team caps for sale at the open house and throughout the season. Caps will be $15 a piece.