Trained Volunteers


These positions require training by the JRAC league. Please let a swim representative know if you are interested in becoming a trained volunteer.

Announcer: Communicates information throughout the meet such as heat numbers, lane occupants, scores, etc

Clerk of Course: These volunteers organize all swimmer cards into heat and lane assignments for each event. Requires mandatory JRAC clerk of course training. 

Head Table: Head table workers and assistants ensure the smooth running of the head table. Duties include but are not limited to, taking questions or problems to the referee, checking handwritten cards for swimmer identification and entry time, sort cards by seed time, manages DQ cards and checks for league records. Typically 2 - 3 people are needed per heat. Requires mandatory JRAC head table training.

Head Table Computer Operator: Processes meet results using league provided computer software, works with several table volunteers to enter results, check accuracy and resolve any malfunctions quickly. Produces and prints final results at the end of each meet. Requires mandatory JRAC computer training.

Head Timer: The head timer keeps several running watches and supervises all lane timers. The volunteer gives a ready signal at the start of each race to the starter to indicate that all timers are ready, provides an extra stopwatch in the event of a malfunction watch or missed start. Requires mandatory JRAC Head Timer Clinic. A head timer who has worked in previous years need only attend the clinic every other year. Course can be taken online with a minimum of 3 consecutive years of taking the clinic.

Referee: This person must be knowledgeable and confident in US swimming rules. The referee is the meet facilitator and has the final word in all protests or conflicts involving matters pertaining to the meet to include, disqualification of swimmers, sportsmanship issues, meet procedures, etc. Requires mandatory JRAC referee clinic and one JRAC strokes and turns clinic within the last 12 months or be a USS certified strokes and turns official.

Starter: Starts each race by announcing the event and heat, commanding the swimmers to take their mark and hitting the beeper. Must be able to determine and call an illegal motion or procedure of a swimmer and call a false start or disqualify a swimmer who repeatedly violates the rules. Requires a mandatory JRAC starter clinic within the past 24 months or be a USS certified starter. Course can be taken online with a minimum of 3 consecutive years of taking the clinic.

Strokes and Turns Official: During the meet, the strokes and turns officials analyze a swimmer's start, stroke and turn to determine if it complies with US swimming rules and regulations. Officials are required to disqualify a swimmer if his/her start, stroke or turn is deemed illegal. Requires mandatory JRAC strokes and turns clinic within the past 12 months or be USS certified strokes and turns official. Course can be taken online with a minimum of 3 consecutive years of taking the clinic.