Swim Meet 101


Swim Meet Procedures

-Arrive at all meets except the Sunday meet at 5:30 pm. Allow time for parking.

-Home Meets: Warm-up is 5:45 - 6:00

-Away Meets: Warm-up is 6:00 - 6:15

-Double check your event numbers on the bulletin board and write them on your hand

-Warm- up

-Make sure you know where the Clerk of Course is located

-Listen to the announcer and when you hear your event number being called head to the Clerk of the Course

--Swim meet results are posted on a designated wall as the meet progresses. If you leave before the results are posted, they will be available during practice the next day. Ribbons will also be given out at Tuesday afternoon fun practice.

Swimmers Guide For The Day Of A Meet

-Attend morning practice

-For the rest of the day, avoid physical activity, stay out of the sun (you should not be at the pool after practice)

-Avoid junk food and carbonated beverages. Drink lots of water.

-Be at meets on time. Be ready for warm-ups.

-Bring to the meet: swimsuit, cap, goggles, towels, nutritious snacks, water, dry clothes, sharpie marker, cash and your game face!

Parents Guide For The Day Of A Meet

-Bring your own chairs

-Make sure your swimmer checks in at the KRA check in table upon arrival

-If you are volunteering make sure to check in at the volunteer table and get your NAMETAG. Please check in at the beginning of the meet even if you are a second half volunteer.

-Double check your child's event numbers on the bulletin board and write them with a sharpie marker on your child's hand

-Bring snack, drinks and extra towels for your swimmers

-Bring cash (every pool usually sells food of some kind)

Weather Policy:

Swimmers should come to the meet even if there is rain or a storm. The meet referee decides whether to delay or postpone the meet. According to JRAC policy, no meet may be canceled or postponed prior to a one-hour delay. If a meet has to be postponed they are usually made up the following night.