Mini-Mite Qualifications



KRA Mini-Mites Requirements (9 week season, 3 dual meets)

A swimmer must pass KRA Swim Lesson Level 5 AND/OR:

1. Swim a 25 meter “version” of the freestyle (front crawl), with NO assistance, and:

  • Placing their face comfortably in the water the majority of the length

  • Have a knowledge of rotating to breathe (rotary breathing to the side is not necessary, but swimmers should not lift their face “UP” to breathe forward but instead roll over onto back to breathe)

2. Swim a 25 meter “version” of the backstroke, with NO assistance, and:

  • Remain on back for the majority of the length

  • Arms must be used and come out of the water the majority of the length

3. Dive into the water from a sitting or kneeling position, or be willing to enter the water head first, followed by feet.



Mini-Mites will master the following during the season.

1. Master 25 meter freestyle to include: 

  • Rotary breathing to at least one side 

  • Streamline start [without initial breath]

2. Master 25 meter backstroke to include: 

  • Streamline start (pushing off wall on back in streamline position)

3. Master a standing dive off of the side of the pool (a swimmer should not be allowed to dive off of the block until this is mastered for safety purposes