Job Descriptions

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Age Group Parents:

Description:  2 families sign up for each respective age group responsibility (6U Boys), (6U Girls), (7/8 Boys), (7/8 Girls).  They will work together to share responsibilities of the age group tent at all home and away season meets and Champs from 7am – end of their age group events including relays.  Responsibilities include:

  • Point of contact for swimmers, parents and coaches
  • Help swimmers get to ready bench
  • Write up and distribute relay team slips
  • Help parents get event/heat/lane for swimmers

Training:  No Training Required,

Who’s it for:  Parents of age group swimmers with a bucket of toys to share

Who it’s not for:  Parents who don’t want to work with 6U or 7/8 age group swimmers

Benefits of the job:  NO NEED TO BRING A TENT – It’s already set up for you!


Description:  Announce swim event, heats and swimmers.  Calling age groups to the ready bench during the meet.  General announcements are made throughout the day. Create a musical playlist for the meet.

Training:  No Training Required

Who it’s for:  Somebody with a great presence/loud clear voice

Who it’s not for:  If you don’t enjoy the spotlight – this isn’t the job for you.

Benefit of the job:  EXCELLENT Seat to watch YOUR swimmer!

Check In:

Description:  Set up and staff check in table to affirm which races swimmers are committed to swimming.  Produce and distribute copies of meet programs to coaches, age group parents, ready bench and visiting team for JRRC home meets.  Post event and relay details and assist in writing up 9&U relay slips for morning and afternoon relays.  Assist with the PM relays during the Butterfly event of the age group to assist with organizing relays.

Training:  No training necessary – but we’ll show you the ropes

Who it’s for:  Anyone who can greet parents, read a list and sit for a bit and help out

Who it’s not for:  If you don’t like greeting people, it’s not for you

Benefits of the job:  You will have a partner and get to know lots of people on the team.


Description:  Work in the Colorado timing booth, next to the starter.  Help the person on the computer and Colorado systems, post times on the windows and run if needed.

Training:  No training necessary

Who it’s for: technologically savvy

Who it’s not for: do not enjoy working with computers

Benefits of the job:  The Best Seat in the House


Computer Operations Set up (computer Operators coordinator):

Description: Weekly meet set-up. AM shift – home meet set up

Computer Operator Scorer:

Description: Runs Meet Manager software during the meet.  Verify times, process DQ slips, print meet results and labels for ribbons team. Work closely with the starter and Colorado team to adjust heat/lane assignments during a meet. 

Training:  Must have experience or attend Mandatory training session

Who’s it for: attended the mandatory training

Who it’s not for: newcomers to swimming

Benefits of the job: Best way to see swimmers, sit in a shaded tent


Description: You may be called to work 1 shift of any position (you are qualified to work) should we find a position is not filled. 1 Floater shift allowed per season, per family 

Training:  No Training Required,

Who’s it for:  Anyone who is ok getting called to help in a variety of locations

Who it’s not for:  Anyone who needs to know exactly what they will be doing prior to the meet. 

Benefits of the job:  You may get called and You may not!

Ready Bench:

Description: Use the Meet Program to arrange swimmers in proper lane/heat order.  Take swimmers to lane/lane chairs.  Work with team parents and the starter to coordinate when to move swimmers through the ready bench.

Training:  We’ll show you how to read a Meet Program (you may already know)

Who’s it for:  Someone who likes to be busy, can be a bit tricky getting the little guys in order – they like to wiggle

Who it’s not for: Someone who doesn’t like herding kids… or someone with little patience

Benefits of the job:  You get to meet all the kids and most parents too!


Ribbon Operations:

Description:  Place computer generated ribbon labels on appropriate ribbons. Place ribbons in family folders

Training:  not required but we’ll show you a few hints

Who’s it for:  Someone who likes to sit and have spurts of busy times

Who it’s not for: If you don’t like stickers, don’t go for this one

Benefits of the job:  You’re not busy the whole time, between ribbon sheets you have time to relax and watch the relays.


Description: Collect lane timing sheets from timers and deliver to the computer team.  Collect and review (DQ) sheets from stroke and turn judges and deliver to meet referee.   Post results and provide additional support to computer operations and Colorado teams 

Training:  No Training Required, but we’ll show you the ropes

Who’s it for:  If you want to know official results right away, this is the job for you.

Who it’s not for: anyone one does not want to be on their feet

Benefits of the job:  You are responsible for handling official meet business 


Set-Up/Take Down:


  • Home Meets – set up, set up the pool for the meet
  • Home Meets - take down, put equipment away and re-arrange deck for regular club usage. 
  • Away Meets – set up, check out necessary equipment to bring to the meet 
  • Away Meets – take down, bring equipment back and check it all back in
  • HOME AM - Set up at pool home meets
  • HOME PM - Put equipment away after meet & Arrange pool deck to club usage
  • AWAY AM – check out equipment and bring to meet
  • AWAY PM – Bring equipment back and check it back in


Training:  You are allowed 1 set up or take down shift slot per meet, per family and there are many families doing this to show you the ropes.

Who’s it for: Someone willing to pop up tents, set up lanes, set up chairs, set up tables and run cables

Who it’s not for: It is physical work so if you don’t like that, it’s not for you

Benefits of the job:  Set up is done before the meet starts and take down doesn’t miss anything because they don’t work until the meet is over.



Description:  Start events, maintain starting devices and starters bullhorn so they are in good working order.  Use proper ways to start event

Training: Yes – Proper start techniques required and provided

Who’s it for:  Someone with precision and willing to pull the trigger on a false start, prior swim experience very helpful.

Who it’s not for: Lots of standing and you may get splashed so if you like to sit and stay absolutely dry – let this one pass.

Benefits of the job: Definitely one of the best locations on the pool deck!


Stroke and Turn Judges:

Description: Ensures the rules for each stroke including starts, turns and finishes

Training: Yes - Required and Provided

Who’s it for:  Do you enjoy watching the kids swim and want to learn proper stroke technique – it’s for you.  

Who it’s not for: Lots of standing and you may get splashed so if you like to sit and stay absolutely dry – let this one pass.

Benefits of the job: You get early sign up for these shifts!

Team Photographer:

Description:  Take photos at the meets to capture the events.  After meets responsible for posting photos to a common photo sharing site for all families to have access.  

Training:  You’ll need to know how to use your camera

Who’s it for: Someone with good eye for great pics, and likes to be engaged in all shifts, taking pictures of all age groups.

Who it’s not for: Someone without a camera who loves to use it

Benefits of the job:  Free roam of the pool to get the best possible shots – EVEN at CHAMPS!


Description:  Each lane has 3 timers with operating timing plungers or stop watches depending upon timing method being used. Check swimmers for correct lane assignments and heat.

Training: Head timer will lead a brief overview in the am before meet starts and again with the afternoon timers 

Who’s it for: If you enjoy watching the thrill of the competition, this is the one for you and yes, you get to wear a stopwatch!  You have a front row seat and snacks delivered!!

Who it’s not for: Easily distracted and don’t like if a little water gets on your feet - skip it!

Benefits of the job:  Another great seat in the house, hospitality is always at your service and you're guaranteed a spot in the shade!

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