Parent Volunteer Policy

Please click here to download a PDF of the the 2018 Parent Volunteer Policy.


Parent Volunteer Policy

The success of the Johnson Ranch Barracudas Swim Team is fundamentally dependent upon our family's willingness and dedication to running smooth and efficient meets and events. It literally takes thousands of hours to manage the Team and its many activities before, during, and after the season. Because we are a nonprofit organization, we are completely dependent upon the support and volunteerism of our families. These volunteers keep the season running smoothly for our swimmers.

In accordance with this, each family is required to volunteer for 6 shifts during the regular swim season and for 2 shifts at Champs (provided the family attends). And it is encouraged that if your swimmer is competing at a meet, the family will be working one or possible two shifts. To run a home meet it takes approximately 114 volunteers and for an away meet 53.

It is the family's responsibility to check that their shifts are being tracked accurately and that they complete their required commitment.

Parents can meet their volunteer requirement for the regular season in ONE of the following ways:

  1. By signing up on the team website for shifts during the regular season.
  2. By volunteering as a Coordinator for a particular job for the entire season. (i.e. "Hospitality Coordinator")
  3. By serving on the Board of Directors for the entire year.

If you cannot make a shift you have signed up for, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at least one (1) week before the scheduled shift. Thanks for your help in making this another great season!


Kristen Townsend

Volunteer Coordinator


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