Practice Times


Practice Level

Spring Schedule

April 2nd-June 7th

Pool Time

Summer Schedule

June 8th- July 20th

Pool Time


3:30PM- 4:00PM





4:00PM- 4:45PM





4:30PM- 5:35PM


10:45AM- 11:50AM



5:20PM- 6:30PM


11:35AM- 12:45PM



6:15PM- 7:30PM









This season we will be implementing a Dry Land Program with our swimmers. This time is built into the practice schedule as 15 minutes before the swimmers get in the water.

Dry Land and Its Importance:
There are a few different facets of dry land training, all of which are important: strength training, stretching/flexibility and injury prevention. The coaching staff will also use this time for important announcements for swimmers. Please have your child prepared by having socks and athletic shoes when they arrive at the pool! If unprepared, swimmers may be asked to sit and watch the dry land training so that they remain safe and can receive important communication from the coaches about the focus of the day’s practice. This dry land will take place on the pool deck, time is added into the practice times on the chart above.

Please Note:

1. Level 1 & 2 swimmers will only participate in Dry Land once we start the Summer Schedule on June 8th. NO DRY LAND FOR LEVEL 1 & 2 WITH SPRING SCHEDULE!!!!


PLEASE NOTE: If your swimmer was placed in a Level last season by coaches, please start your swimmer in the level that they left off at the end of last season. If you feel as though your swimmer is in the improper level, please reach out to Coach Jenn as she will be working with Coach Kim and Coach Joan to ensure that your swimmer is in the appropriate level.

Level 1

  • ALL 6 & Under swimmers will be in this Level unless approved by Head Coach
  • New swimmers 10 & Under with little to no swim team experience will start in this level
  • Swimmers that struggle with their freestyle and backstroke with consistent Disqualifications in these two strokes at meets
  • Jr. coaches will be in the water for this group at all times

Level 2

  • Open to all age swimmers
  • This group will be stroke technique focused
  • All swimmers in this level are proficient at freestyle and backstroke
  • This level is designed for swimmers beginning to learn Breaststroke & Butterfly
  • Swimmers 11+ will little to no swim team experience could benefit from this level
  • Jr. Coaches will be in the water for this group at all times

Level 3

  • Open to swimmers 9 & Up unless approved by Head Coach
  • Swimmers that are proficient in all four strokes with very little DQ slips in one particular stroke
  • 13+ swimmers new to the team with very little swim experience
  • All swimmers in this group are refining their flip turns and circle swimming skills (big focus for this group)
  • This group is designed for swimmers that are consistently getting Disqualified in the same stroke
  • Very little coach presence in the water with this group

Level 4

  • Open to swimmers 11 & Up unless approved by Head Coach
  • All swimmers in this level are proficient in all four strokes with little to very little            disqualifications in meets This level is designed for swimmers that are competitive swimmers that are looking to work hard in practices with little technique work needed in each stroke
  • All swimmers in this group are proficient in flip turns and circle swimming
  • Increased level of endurance while keeping technique efficient
  • This group will learn how to work on intervals off the pace clock

Level 5

  • Open to swimmers 12 & Up unless approved by Head Coach
  • Increased level of endurance while keeping technique efficient is expected in this group
  • This group will be using intervals off the time clock
  • Consistency in practice attendance by swimmer
  • Increased yardage, expected flip turns and streamline off each wall


Level 6

  • Open to swimmers 15 & Up unless approved by Head Coach
  • The swimmers in this level are what we would consider as our Senior Group with many years of swimming experience under their belt. Many of these swimmers have swam with a USA Swimming Club or are on their High School Swim Team
  • This is a very fast paced level with increased yardage, expected flip turns and streamline off each wall every set

Questions on what practice your swimmer would excel in, please contact Head Coach Jenn . We will be working closely as a coaching staff to help swimmers be placed in proper levels.

Practice Information

Practices will be held rain or shine. In the event of lightning, thunder or pool malfunctions, practice will be canceled. In those circumstances you will be contacted via email as soon as the decision is made to cancel practice. Communications will also be posted on the Barracudas social media sites.

  • Please be on time for practice. If early, please wait on pool deck until further instruction from the coaches.
  • Leave valuables at home. JRRC nor Barracudas are responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Avoid eating 30 minutes before practice.
  • Bring a towel daily and dry clothes on cooler days.
  • Wear proper swim attire to practice (Jammer or racer type swim suits for boys. No swim shirts or board shorts.)
  • Avoid wearing the team suit for practices to preserve it for meets.
  • Wear swim goggles which are required for all practices and meets.
  • Wear a swim cap (recommended for practices and highly recommended for meets.)

Equipment for all swimmers to bring to practice DAILY


Swim Cap (all girls should wear a cap to keep hair out of face, for boys its optional)

Practice Suit

Water Bottle


Athletic shoes and socks for dry land training

Fins (Mon-Thurs only. No fins for 6U swimmers.)

It is critical for the coaches’ attention to be focused on swimmer instruction and safety during practice.  Parents and siblings must remain away from the coaching area on deck during practice to minimize distractions.  Parents are welcome to watch practices away from the coaching area on the pool deck.  Please avoid distracting the swimmers or the coaches during practice. Please relay this information to any other caregivers who may bring or pick up your children. Children who are not in practice must remain with their parents. If you wish to speak with a coach, please wait until the end of the last practice or send a quick email to set up an appointment.  The only break the coaches have is the short time between practices without swimmers in the water. If needed, the Board members are available to answers questions at any time.


Weekly Practice Layout
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Technical Stroke Practices- Swimmers will work hard to fine-tune their strokes and work on drills related to the focus stroke of that particular week.
Maximum Yardage Practice- This practice we will focus very little on correcting tacnique but instead have a high yardage set to gain endurance and work on building cardio. Swimmers will be tired and very hungry these days.
Station Rotation Friday- Most Friday’s will consist of the pool being broken down into stations working on dives, flip turns, IM and backstroke turns, starts and finishes. All of the things that win and loose races. The coaches and I will throw in “Fun Friday’s” from time to time where swimmers will participate in swimming games and fun relays. The coaches will have a strategy behind each game and drill. This practice additionally promotes team-building as swimmers will typically work in small groups.

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