Employment Information

Employment Application Information

Welcome to the 2018 season!

KSTC will be hiring Lifeguards, Assistant Managers, Maintenance Personnel, Swim Instructors, Swim Aides, and Tennis Instructor(s) for the 2018 Summer Season.  ***All postitions have been filled for 2018 Season


Application Dates:


Application Accepting

Club Manager Passed
Assistant Manager Passed
Lifeguard Passed
Maintenance Passed
Swim Instructor Passed
Swim Aide Passed
Tennis Instructor/Tennis Aide Passed


Instructions (Club Manager Position):

The club manager position has been filled for the 2018 season.

Instructions (All Other Positions):

During the application date period for the the specific job you are applying for, please email the club manager ( a copy of your 2018 KSTC Staff Application and a request for an interview.  If you are granted an interview, print and fill out all required forms (see below) and bring them with you to your interview. 


New Employess, please fill out and bring a copy of the forms listed below to your interview.

Returning employees please fill out and bring the 2018 KSTC Staff Application, 2018 W-4 Form, 2018 I-9 form, and copies of updated certifications. If your address or W-4 information has changed from last year please fill out the New Hire/Change Form. If your direct deposit information has changed please fill out the Direct Deposit form.

The 2018 KSTC Staff Application is a MS Word Document.  It is a "non-editable" file so be sure to change the filename of the 2018 KSTC Staff Application so you can edit it.  Please name it, 2018 KSTC Staff Application lastname  when you send it to the club manager.  A .pdf version of the file can be found below, but you will need to print it and fill it out and then send a scanned copy back to the club manager. Note that some Apple computers have trouble saving the completed forms. Just click the links below to open the forms.  Please bring all forms to your interview as well as copies of any certifications that are required or that you have.

2018 KSTC Staff Application.doc   or  2018 KSTC Staff Application.pdf

2018 W4.pdf

Direct Deposit Form.pdf

New Hire/Change Form.pdf

2018 I-9 form.pdf

Parent-School Authorization Minor Form.pdf  (if under the age of 18)

2018 KSTC Hire Checklist.pdf


***Please provide copies of certifications during interviews



Please email with any questions.