Athlete Protection

UPDATED REQUIREMENTS  revised September 2018

Starting with the 2012-2013 season, KISL instituted a requirement for KISL coaches to participate in an approved Athlete Protection Training course.  Each KISL coach must have completed an approved training course before their initial season with KISL and then must repeat the training at least once every 3 years.  KISL currently accepts three different training courses to satisfy the Athlete Protection requirement;

Always indicate in any correspondence which team you are representing

If you are a member of USA Swimming, please send proof that you have a valid Athlete Protection Certification to

If you took the Redwoods training with GKAISA, please send a copy of that certification to

If neither of the above apply to you please follow these instructions

Click on this link 

Click on Register

Click on Create Account

Fill in your demographics

Choices you will need to make on this page:

LSC - not affiliated

Team  - NA

Choose the course Safe Sport Ready Set Go

Add to cart - it is free

After placing the order, you must fill out the Billing Page, even though the course is free.

Go back to Courses to begin the videos and complete the course.

Once you have completed the course, there is a Congratulations page, but there is no name.

Go back to the Dashboard and make sure you are on the page with your Name, Course name and a Checkmark 

Alternatively, you go to Courses which lists your name and all courses. Ready, Set, Go will have a check mark once it is completed

Save one of these pages that shows your name and the words done with a check mark as a pdf

Send the pdf to

Questions?  Email Annabel Henley at or call 901-461-6553