Parent Handbook

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The objective of the Lovettsville Dolphins Swim Team is to provide a safe, competitive, and fun aquatic experience for children in our community of all ages from five to eighteen.

We are part of the Old Dominion Swim League (ODSL) and our home pool is the Lovettsville Community Center.

The Dolphins are a strong Team program with approximately 225 swimmers from families living in Lovettsville, Waterford, Brunswick, and the surrounding area.

Lovettsville Team Goals

1.       Improve swimmers' skills

2.       Develop good sportsmanship

3.       Encourage and develop teamwork

4.       Enable swimmers to be competitive

5.       Have fun while developing a love for swimming

Team Website


The Lovettsville Dolphins Website is located here:  http://www.lovettsvilledolphins.org.  Check the website OFTEN for registration, spirit wear, activities, updates, news and to fill in the volunteer slots.


To register your children to be on the team, just go to the Lovettsville Dolphins website (http://www.lovettsvilledolphins.org) and click on the 2017 Dolphins Registration link.  You will see the button that will take you to the 2017 Team Registration page.  If you have any questions or problems, please click on the Contact Us link to the left of the website page.

Volunteer Requirement

Dolphin’s family volunteers for Team events are an integral (and fun!) part of our Team and are essential for a successful season. Ten (10) hours of volunteer service are required from each family. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of volunteer positions during the season. Without you volunteering we cannot run our meets.

If you really cannot volunteer, there is a $100 Opt out Fee up front during registration (see the highlighted option on the final payment page).  If you do not Opt Out, unfulfilled volunteer hours at the end of the season will be billed at a rate of $15 per hour (please note the increased expense over paying the Opt out Fee up front).


Team Suit ordering and Spirit Wear ordering

Suits can be ordered via the Team Suit Store link on the Lovettsville Dolphins home page. Purchasing a team suit is optional but most people get a suit.  Our vendor, Cassels Sports and Awards will ship suits directly to your home for a flat rate fee of $6.95. We will have a fitting to try out suits, please look out for an email. If you are unable to make the fitting, Cassels Sports and Awards (in Herndon) stocks our suit and is open Monday through Saturday. There will also be a chance to try on suits at the kickoff party on June 3rd.

In addition, come check out samples of Dolphins spirit wear that you'll be able to order online, starting in mid-May.  Apparel will be available to try on for sizing purposes. Look out for the email about spirit wear and the link on the Lovettsville Dolphins home page.


Link: http://www.teamunify.com/Contact.jsp?team=recldstva

Head Coach: Alexander Mason

Assistant Coach: Andrew Gonzalez

Assistant Coach: Ethan Bloomfield

Assistant Coach: Hannah Carter

Assistant Coach: Rita Frie

Check the Swim Team Website

To be informed of upcoming events - parents and swimmers should check their email (Daily), the swim team website (where you registered) and family folders in the team boxes (portable file boxes brought to practices and meets by one of our volunteer coordinators).  These boxes contain meet ribbons and DQ (disqualification) slips.

We also have a Facebook group for the team as another forum to share information, share photos, meet other families on the team, etc.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lovettsville-Dolphins/105072502873605?fref=ts





The first practice of the 2017 season is on May 30th, 2017. The first practice is a swim assessment so that the coaches can determine which group your swimmer should be. Groups are determine by the swimmers stroke technique and ability.

We have two practice schedules, an early season practice and a regular season practice. This is determined by the availability of the pool and meet schedule.

Early season practice starts on May 31st and goes to June 10th.

Regular season practice starts on June 12th and goes July 29th.  Practice times for each group will change on Tuesdays and Thursdays due to an adult swim class held at the pool starting after school lets out.

Please check the website for when your group will practice (under the schedules tab).

We normally don’t practice on Saturdays during the season due to meets, however at the beginning of the season we will have one Saturday practices on the following date (6/3).

Parents are asked to be seated in the grassy area or along the perimeter of the pool deck and refrain from coming out on the pool deck during practice.  Please let the coaches do their jobs. If you do have a question, please email Coach Alex (see contact email below) or wait until after practice.

Inclement Weather Policy


Occasionally, practice will be cancelled due to severe weather. Please look out for emails and updates on the team website for information.  Sometimes this information comes out at the last minute depending on the weather conditions.











Parental Code of Conduct


As an ODSL parent, I agree to/that . . .

  1. Do not criticize a coach in the presence of my swimmer – the bond between swimmer and a coach is important and should not be undermined.
  2. Refrain from entering onto poolside during training or competition unless invited to do so by the coach.
  3. Discuss any concerns regarding my swimmer, as per my team policy, with the coach at a convenient and appropriate time.
  4. Actively participate in helping the team progress by offering assistance and support to the coaches, committees and team boards.
  5. Strongly encourage my swimmer to abide by the ODSL rules.
  6. Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials and coaches while encouraging good sportsmanship.
  7. Help my swimmer to recognize good performance, not just results.
  8. Set a good example by recognizing fair play and applauding good performances by all swimmers.
  9. Never punish or belittle my swimmer for losing or making mistakes.
  10. Publicly accept the officials’ judgments.
  11. Support my swimmer’s involvement and help him/her to enjoy swimming.
  12. Use correct and proper language at all times.
  13. Encourage and guide swimmers to accept responsibility for their own performance and behavior.
  14. Bullying is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
  15. Disciplinary matters for unacceptable conduct are at the discretion of the coach, teams and/or ODSL board.

In addition, during meets please do not interfere with pool officials and other volunteers, such as the score keepers and computer operators. Any questions can be directed to the President of the Swim Team.

There is a great article on our website about parenting and sports and it can be found here: https://www.teamunify.com/TabGeneric.jsp?_tabid_=81994&team=recldstva








Time Trials


Time trials will be on June 10th. It is a great way for new swimmers to get to experience on what a real swim meet is like. In addition, swimmers may be swimming all 4 strokes, this will allow coaches to determine what they swim in regular meets.

Regular Meets


Meets are on Wednesday’s and Saturdays. For the meet schedule please click on the Schedules tab on the team website.

Committing to meets


It is extremely important to commit to meets by the deadline. If you cannot commit to the event by the deadline, the coaches will assume that the swimmer is not going to be present. There will be no deck entries allowed.  In order to commit your swimmer to a meet, you can go to the team website and click on the Events tab, find the meet and press the Attend/Decline button. If you wish your swimmer to swim a particular stroke then you may sign them up for that it the same time. The head coach will assign swimmers who are not already assigned to swim particular strokes. Keep in mind that the coaches reserve the right to change the strokes that your swimmer is competing in based on practice performance and and benefit to the team.

Scoring at Regular Meets


For individual events the Team gets points for the following: First place: 6 points, second place: 4 points, third place: 3 points, fourth place: 2 points, and fifth place: 1 point

For relays, the team gets points for the following: First place: 6 points, second place: 4 points, and third place: 2 points.

The Team with the most points at the end of the meet is the winner.  Total point scores are also tallied for boys and girls, but these don’t affect the meet result.






Other Meets

There are two special meets at the end of the year: Divisionals and All Stars. In order to participate your swimmer needs to meet the following requirements:

Swimmer Eligibility:

1)       You must have swum in at least two regular season ODSL meets to participate in end of year meet.

2)       You may only swim in one end of year meet, either Divisionals or All Stars, but not both.

3)       If your achieve an All Stars cut time (the cut times are determined during the season by the league) in only one event, you may choose to either swim that event at All Stars, or you may swim in Divisionals but only in the other events that you don't have an All Stars qualifying time for.

4)       If you achieve All Stars cut times in two or more events, you may only swim in All Stars.

5)       End of the year meet events are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and IM (no relays).

6)       You may swim a maximum of 3 events in an end of the year meet: two single stroke events (free, back, breast, fly) plus an IM.  You must have a qualifying time recorded during the regular season for any event you enter.

What to bring to meets

Below are some suggestions about what to bring to swim meets

1)      Two towels (one to sit on)

2)      Two pairs of googles (just in case one breaks)

3)      Sweatshirts, it can be cold in morning and the early part of the swim season

4)      Chairs (if allowed on the pool deck)

5)      Sunscreen

6)      Water/Sports drink

7)      Healthy snacks (leave some room to get some yummy food at the Dolphin snack tent). You can also check out the following link about nutrition on our website: https://www.teamunify.com/TabGeneric.jsp?_tabid_=6068&team=recldstva

8)      Your voices (we are going to be cheering a lot)







During the end of season party, the team will present the following awards:

1.       Participation medals, all swimmers will get a participation medal.

The following Individual Awards are presented for male and female swimmers in each age group:

1.       High Point Award - determined by total points accumulated from all regular season meets.

2.       Most Improved Swimmer Award – selected by the coaches based on time dropped and other improvement criteria over the season.

3.       Coaches Award – presented by the coaches to swimmers who exhibit outstanding sportsmanship, attitude, team spirit and personal excellence over the course of the season.

4.       Dolphin Award – given to one outstanding swimmer for dedicated and outstanding participation over their years as a Dolphin.  This award may not be awarded every year.

Contact List


For swimming questions, please email Coach Alex: coachalex@lovettsvilledolphins.org

For other questions, please email: info@lovettsvilledolphins.org