Swimmer Recognition

Swimmer Recognition

We love to celebrate success!  And we know that success is defined differently for each individual.  We have a number of recognition awards and programs to help encourage all our swimmers, regardless of their age or skill level.  

Mako "Fins" Award

This award program recognizes swimmers’ efforts as they improve their times throughout the season.  If a swimmer improves on their best time in a meet for a given stroke, regardless of the actual time standard, they earn a "Fin".  A Mako Fin stamp will be awarded onto their team t-shirt for every "Fin" earned, in addition to a summer treat.  By the end of the season, swimmers with the most "Mako Fins" earn a special award.


Swim Meet Awards and Ribbons

Ribbons are commonly awarded to the top 8 finishers (by time) for each event (including relays).  They are typically distributed to swimmers 12 and under.  For larger invitational meets, additional awards such as high point trophies and heat winner ribbons may also be awarded. 


Team Awards

At the end of the season, the Oakwood Makos celebrate and recognize the seasons’ efforts by ALL swimmers.  All team members are individually recognized at the End of Season Dinner either through a participation award, Personal Achievement Award, Coaches Award (for showing outstanding team spirit and sportsmanship), Leadership Award, Most Improved, & Wacky Swimmer Awards.

Bronze, Silver, & Gold Swimmer Awards

Based on effort and time improvements, swimmers may receive medals based on time standards established for each stroke and each age group.  We use official meet times to establish awards, swimmers may receive bronze, silver, or gold stroke awards.