Parent Jobs Commitment

Parent Commitment to the Team

Good parental support is the foundation of a successful swim season! So please help where ever possible! & a big THANK YOU in advance from all swimmers and coaches!!

Parents are required to fulfill ‘parent jobs’ at 4 meets

(4 meets + Time Trials)

Job Signups will be open online from now until June 3rd.


Signing up for parent jobs:  Using the "Job Signup" button shown next to each meet listed at the bottom of the home page on  Please go through and commit to all meets you wish to work prior to June 3rd.  After June 3rd you must contact the Job’s Coordinator.


Your work assignments:  Our team Job’s Coordinator will go through and assign your meet job on Information will be emailed to you by our parent Job’s Coordinator prior to each meet.


Need a Sub?: If you cannot meet your commitment you must contact the teams Job’s Coordinator. After the signup deadline of June 3rd, if the Jobs Coordinator receives a cancelation of your work signup at least 10 days prior to the meet there will be a $50 fee assessed to your house account. If the cancelation is made less than 10 days before the meet date there will be a $75 charge. No-shows for a meet will result in a $100 charge.  

Season Buy Out: If you would like to “Buy Out” from your parent work obligations please talk to Carrie Roberts.  Buy Outs are done on a first come first serve basis and are limited. To buy out it is a $350 charge that must be paid by cash, check, or credit card. (No House Charge).   **Deadline to buy out is Friday 6/3**


Failure to meet parent jobs requirement: If a family doesn’t meet their required 4 meets (consisting of 4 regular meets plus Time Trials), a $75 penalty will be assessed for each unworked meet. This charge will be processed at the end of the season and applied to your Oakwood house account. This is the last thing we want to see, the more families that participate the more each swimmer will get out of the season.


Parent Jobs

*Meet Coordinator: oversees and checks in all parent workers for the meet.

Timers: parents who time the races- stand on edge of pool with stopwatch

Recorders: parents who write down times that timers get on stopwatch

Shepherd: parent who organizes & guides children to lanes for each race

Desk: Parents help host team prepare award ribbons

*Stroke/Turn Judge: Parent watches each race for stroke conformation

*Prior training required, Information about training seminar will be emailed out early in spring.