Mini Dolphins

2020 Mini Dolphin Evaluations

Evaluation Dates:


​All swimmers age 8 and under who did not practice in the competition pool with the swim team last year should plan to attend one of the evaluations. Attend whichever one fits your schedule best. Please check in at the trapezoid pool.

Please print the Mini Dolphin Information Sheet, fill out the top information section only (parts 1 and 2 will be filled out by the coaches during the evaluation), and bring it with you to your child's evaluation.

1. Who is eligible to swim with the Mini Dolphins?  All swimmers 8 and under who did not swim with the team in the competition pool during the last swim season are eligible to be evaluated to swim with the Mini Dolphins.  

2.  When do Mini Dolphins practice?  Once evaluations have been completed, Mini Dolphins practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:45-5:30 PM. During summer break, Mini Dolphins practice Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:45-10:30 AM, in the trap pool. On Mondays Mini Dolphins may attend an optional half-hour practice in the competition pool to work on dive starts for that night's B meet. The optional Monday practice runs from 9:45 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.  All swimmers practice together at 9:00 AM on Fun Fridays.  

3. My child didn't make Mini Dolphins. Can they get moved up later in the season? Yes! Sometimes our coaches recommend that a swimmer have more swim lessons after the evaluation. This ensures that all kids are safe and placed in the group where they focus on the skills they need to learn. However, we can re-evaluate kids later in the summer and they can join the Mini Dolphins mid-season. 

4. My child was placed on Mini Dolphins, but was hoping to be in the 8 and under group. Can this be changed? As the summer progresses, swimmers are sometimes moved into the 8 and under group as they become more proficient in their strokes. Please respect the coaches and trust their decision about where your child was placed. The placement is designed for safety and so each swimmer has the opportunity to work on the skills they most need to improve.

5. How much is Mini Dolphins? The dues for Mini Dolphins are the same as for the rest of the team.  Remember to register your swimmer(s) on this site.

6. Can Mini Dolphins swim in meets? Yes! Mini Dolphins are encouraged to swim in Monday night B meets, but meets are never required. In addition there is a special end of season fun meet (the Lollipop Meet) on the last Friday of the practice season that is just for 8 and under swimmers, including Mini Dolphins.

7. What team activities can Mini Dolphins participate in? All of them! We have a few team activities that are only for teenagers, but Mini Dolphins are welcome to participate in any activities that other swimmers their age can. This includes lunches after meets, the ice cream social, potlucks, pasta dinner, movies, and more. All Mini Dolphins should attend team picture day.

8. What will my child be asked to do during Mini Dolphin evaluations? The coaches will get in the pool with the swimmers and see how comfortable they feel in the water. They’ll ask the kids to swim on their front and on their back. Mini Dolphins do not need to be legal in official strokes yet. Attend whichever evaluation day/time works better for your schedule.