Executive Committee Minutes

HSL Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

The HSL Executive Committee shall be comprised of the following five officer positions:

  1. President
  2. Secretary
  3. Statistician
  4. Treasurer
  5. Head Official

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The HSL Executive Committee shall

  1. Serve as the legislative body of the HSL
  2. Manage the property and business of the HSL Corporation
  3. Meet in accordance to establish the Schedules, Rules & Regulations and Procedures for the HSL.
  4. Be chaired by the President or duly appointed individual.
  5. Coordinate all HSL activities.
  6. Oversee all HSL activities.
  7. Appoint persons to needed positions.
  8. Execute the HSL Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, and Policies & Procedures.
  9. Interpret Rules and Regulations governing the HSL.
  10. Appoint Committees to accomplish a specific action

NOTE: Executive Committee Officers shall not receive compensation of any of their services

April 2017 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes