Midlakes Coaching Resources Program

Coaching Resources Program (.pdf)

Coaching Resources Program (.wmw)

Section 1:  Midlakes Coaching Mentor program

The coaches below have kindly volunteered as an experienced, informal mentor or resource to any new coach - head or assistant - in a non-competing Midlakes division. 

The goal of the program is to help new coaches with approaches, "best practices", tips, and more to build a program of sustainable success that benefits the coach’s kids and team, focusing across a framework of:

  1. Setting kids up for success
  2. Friendly Competition and Team Spirit
  3. Understanding league structure and systems
  4. Engaging with other stakeholders, such as other coaches, parents, team reps, and club and league officials

See the attached presentation for a program overview and tips: "Midlakes - Coach Mentor program"

Coach Mentor volunteers:

         Candis Brink

Laura Halter

Section 2:  Coaching Resources, Workouts, Drills, Books and more

1) Great coaching websites in general:

2) Workout ideas:

3) Swimming drills (text and video):

4) Books worth buying:

  • Swim Coaching Bible, by: Dick Hannula
  • Coaching Swimming Successfully, by: Dick Hannula