Safe Sport


For the 2018 season Midlakes is introducing SafeSport concepts as presented by the Olympic community's initiative to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct in sports. 

The six primary types of misconduct are

  •  Bullying
  •  Harassment
  •  Hazing
  •  Emotional Misconduct
  •  Physical Misconduct, and
  •  Sexual Misconduct, including Child Sexual Abuse

The League has not yet adopted this program.  Please consider this as initial guidance and resources.  For this season, we wanted to introduce concepts and Safe Sport materials, build awareness and strongly encourage each club to have their coaches and championship meet directors do the simple training.  The League will look at this at the end of the season to consider adoption for the future.

We are fortunate to have some excellent people who have volunteered to help educate and/or serve as sounding boards for us.

  • Margaret Hoelzer, MICC coach, has worked closely with USA Swimming to help guide its evolving approach and graciously volunteered to speak at the Coaches’ meeting in June.
  • Kim Dare, Parent Rep at Strattonwood, has a long history - as a former national-level gymnast - in observing USA Gymnastics and strongly recommends another resource listed below as well.

Sexual misconduct and inappropriate relationships are serious and command the most alarmed attention, as we see very locally and acutely right now, but the frequency of bullying in its various forms deserves attention as well.

Here is the Safe Sport process, and the courses are free:

  • Create a deck pass account on USA Swimming
  • Go to the Safe Sport page (Top menu on the right) at
  • You will land on the MEMBER PORTAL
    • Enter your name and birth date
    • Click "SEARCH"
    • Click on "CONTINUE" to access the LEARN site
  • You should land on ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING page
    • Scroll down and hit “Start” where you see another box with your name
  • It should take you to the LEARN page with three courses:
    • "Safe Sport: Ready, Set, Go"
    • "What Would You Do?"
    • "Preventing Bullying"
  • Select a course and add to your shopping cart
    • Select “checkout”
    • Confirm there is no charge
  • Go to your dashboard, and you can navigate the course
  • If you have problems, go to
    • Select “Safe Sport, ready, set, go”

If you would like to try the Flip The Switch course:

Sponsored by Aly Raisman, whom you have likely seen helping lead the effort related to USA Gymnastics