Submitting Results


Results for ALL MEETS, including out of division, need to be submitted to the Midlakes website. The Home pool is responsible for this task. Results should be submitted within 24 hours of the conclusion of the meet.

Report for Website: To create the report for the Midlakes website use these selections:

1.   Pdf option from Hy-Tek

2.   Columns / Format Tab

a.    Triple Columns (this will allow results to be printed out in fewer pages)

b.    Relay names - 4

3.   Include in Results Tab

a.    Records

b.    Time standards

c.    Entry time

d.   DQ Codes

e.    Include Team Scores - Combined score

4.   Splits Tab - None

5.   Select All events

6.   Create the report

7.   Click the PDF Icon on the bar at the top of the report - it is next to the Printer Icon

8.   Name the file created. Example: SS @ KGR A-Meet 6-15-11** (this is the format for the actual name of the meet and the name of the results file)

9.   You must email this file to [email protected]

10.  The subject line of the email should be the same as the name of the results file. 

Example:  SS @ KGR A-Meet 6-15-11**

11.  The results will be posted to the website Scoreboard at

   **It is important that we keep the naming scheme consistent to ensure that the results are posted correctly.

If you are unsure of the correct name check the Scoreboard or the Swim Meet Schedule posted on the League website.

If your score is not showing up at the bottom of the results please configure your Meet Manager program as follows:

a.    Setup

b.    Entry/Scoring Preferences

c.    Choose the tab labeled "2 or 3+ Double Dual" and click on the ‘Select Teams’ button

d.   For Double Dual Meets check all three boxes: Male, Female, Combined

e.    Choose "save".

f.     Now run your report again making sure that "combined" score is selected.


APPROVED FOR 2019: Complete comprehensive instructions for HyTek TM & TM applications as they relate specifically to Midlakes.  Thank you Woodridge Swim Club!


Computer instructions for Midlakes