League Champ Q&A


League Champ Hosting FAQs

Q      Do Host clubs need to recruit a referee, starter and Stroke & Turn judges?

A       The League provides officials for the prelims and League Championship meets.  Please make an attempt to arrange for parking and light refreshment for these volunteers.  Many will be coming straight from work to officiate at the prelim events.

Q      Does the League provide a scorekeeper or are the clubs responsible for providing a scorekeeper?  If not, do they need to provide scorekeeper help?

A       There is no volunteer ‘scorekeeper’ needed for the prelims. The League Head Scorekeeper will be at all three to handle computer work. He/She will also be in contact with the club directly about the computer work.

Q      Are awards given out for Prelim Events?

A       All awards are distributed after the finals. There is no need for awards volunteers at the prelim sessions.

Q      Do we need to provide someone to post/flip the event numbers or is that considered part of the Starter's job?  

A       Yes, you should expect to provide volunteers for any tasks that are unique to your club.

Q      Do the host clubs need to email Champ Meet packs to the Division Clubs?

A       All information that the host clubs are required to submit or any additional information such as site maps should be forwarded to the League Communication Director.  All clubs will be required to get League Champ information directly from the website.

Q      How many coaches are expected for League Champ Meets?  What provisions should be made for coaches?

A       You should expect at least 2 coaches per team (2 x 27 = 54).  You should contact the clubs and ask for a coach count as the actual number could be greater.  It is up to the host team to determine if any special parking accommodations will be provided and/or if hospitality or food coupons will be provided for coaches.  It is recommended that at least drinks be provided…especially water if the weather is warm.

Q      How do we plan for the 500 free event?

A       The 500 free is an event that is only swum as a Timed Final at the Prelim meets.  The event is scheduled at the end of the meet  You should include in your meet information packet a reminder for coaches that they will need to arrange for volunteers for that specific event.

Q      Can the Host club ask for more than just timer volunteer help from visiting clubs?

A       Absolutely.  Because our clubs vary in size, for both site and membership, we cannot expect that all clubs can provide the additional volunteer staff needed for championship meets.  All clubs are expected to assist the host club in whatever manner needed.

Q      Is there any monetary compensation provided from the League for hosting a Championship Meet?

A       Compensation is outlined in Appendix B of the operating plan.  This includes a base amount, a percentage of t-shirt, advertising and heat sheet sales, and all proceeds from concessions (except for League Champs at KCAC).

Q      There are swimmer counts from past meets available.  How do I use these to help in planning the meet?

A       These numbers should assist in planning for parking, food, lavatory accommodations and site planning for the meet.  This along with the swimmer count (available from the meet entry report received on the Saturday before the meet) will help in determining the best plan for warm ups in regarding the number of lanes available within the time frame available.