Division Champs


Saturday July 15th - Div 1,2,3 & 5

Sunday July 16th - Div 4

Midlakes Championship Coordinator:

Please communicate directly with appropriate contact person indicated below if you have any questions or concerns.  All documents are .pdf unless indicated.

Champ entries are officially due by Monday July 10th at the host pool by 10:00 am unless indicated otherwise in your Division Champ packet.  Please Contact the Meet Director for questions and confirmation.

Division I - hosted by - Edgebrook

MEET DIRECTOR Contacts:  Joan Dandeneau

Division II - hosted by - Klahanie

MEET DIRECTOR Contact:  Fred Nava

Division III - hosted by - Kingsgate Royals

MEET DIRECTOR Contact:  Deanna Crowe

Division IV - hosted by - Plateau Club

MEET DIRECTOR Contact: Jessica Fernandez - Erin O-Neil - Jackie Naroski

Division V - hosted by - Woodridge

 MEET DIRECTOR Contact: Kathryn Hammer