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Senior Prelims - Hosted by Mercer Island Beach Club

Monday July 17th (04:00 PM)

Senior Prelims Packet - REVISED 7/12/17

New informatiaon regarding Consessions & Hospitality have been added

Online Volunteer Timer Sign-up sheet

MEET DIRECTOR Contacts: Lowell Williams

Sr Prelims Sessions Report

Junior Boys Prelims - Hosted by Samena

Tuesday July 18th (04:00 PM)

Junior Boys Prelim Packet - UPDATED 7/16/17

Warm Up Schedule

MEET DIRECTOR Contact:  Sharon Perry

Jr. Boys Prelims Sessions Report

Junior Girls Prelims - Hosted by Newport Hills Swim & Tennis Club

Wednesday July 19th (04:00 PM)
Junior Girls Prelim Packet - UPDATED 7/16/17
MEET DIRECTOR Contact: Jill Gifford

Prelims Results Hytek Back-up file

League Championship Meet - Hosted by

Rolling Hills - Phantom Lake - Maple Hills

Sunday July 23rd (09:00 AM)

League Champs Packet

Included in the packet:

  • Warm Up schedule
  • Meet Day Schedule

Coaches Table Map

Volunteer Sign Ups Grid

Event Policies   -   Safety Policies   -   Safety Policies Diagram

MEET DIRECTOR Contact: Lynne Matthes

2017 - PNS Realtime Link to Results

King County Aquatic Center - Directions

Parking Information - enlarging this map enhances the number defined regions

Added parking for KCAC

Sessions Report: This is an approximate timeline for the meet
DISCLAIMER:  These times may vary from the actual start of event times.  All swimmers should be at the pool well in advance of their event.