Job Descriptions



Must attend an RSL sponsored clinic every year and must have at least one year stroke and turn experience before training as a referee.  Referees have full authority over all officials and will assign and instruct them prior and during the meet. (S)He will have authority to decide any questions relating to the actual conduct of the meet unless otherwise specified by RSL rules.  He/She will signal the starter before each heat when the pool is clear and ready for competition. He/She will sign off on all DQ slips. He/she will be the final decision on any point where the opinions of any other officials differ and will disqualify any competitor for any personally observed rules violations. It is his/her responsibility to ensure competitive racing conditions and rules are observed. He/she signs the score sheet at the conclusion of the meet.

STARTER (needed home meets only)

Must attend an RSL sponsored training every other year. The starter will assure that the starting device is placed within 10' of the starting edge of the pool and will provide unobstructed views for all timers. He/she will assure that all swimmers are in place and will announce, "take your mark" and then start the race.  He/she will determine any false starts.  When the last swimmer has finished the race, he/she will announce the event number, heat number, boys/girls, yardage, and stroke of the upcoming race.

HEAD TIMER (needed home meets only)

Must attend an RSL sponsored clinic every other year.  The head timer will gather all the timers prior to the start of the event and instruct timers of their responsibilities, procedures for timing, and testing of watches.  He/she will assign 3 timers to each lane and signal referee when all timers are ready for the next event.  He/she will start their timer at the beginning of each race and that watch will be used in the event of a failure for any reason.


Must attend an RSL sponsored clinic every other year.  The head scorer is responsible for overseeing the entire score keeping process.  He/she will be responsible for importing/exporting  data before and after the meet.  The head scorer is responsible for overseeing scoring, data recorders (entry),  and data check to assure accuracy.


Must attend an RSL sponsored clinic every other year and review with online training during the in-between years.  The stroke and turn judges will observe the swimmers to ensure all applicable rules pertaining to the stroke are observed.  Upon sighting a violation, immediately raise a hand to signal an infraction.  Then immediately fill out a DQ slip and hand it to the judge.


All inexperienced clerk of the course volunteers will attend an in-house training which will be scheduled during a practice session.  He/she will collect the entry cards for each team and will place them in order from fastest to slowest, and then collate them into events, heats, and lanes.  They will be responsible for keeping a written board indicating which events should be reporting to the staging area.  They will assure all competitors are present and deliver the younger kids to their lanes as needed.  They will work in conjunction with the runners to get the cards for the 8 and under events to the timers.

RUNNERS (Home meets only)

Runners are responsible for collecting cards from the timers at the conclusion of each event and delivering them to the scoring office.  They are also responsible for delivering cards from the clerk of the course to the timers on all 8 and under events.  Because this is an untrained position and only performed at home meets, runners will be asked to fill in for another untrained job at one away meet.


Scorers will be responsible for determining official times and circling on each swimmer's card, sorting cards by order of finish, and informing the clerk of the course of any entry changes or scratches.  They will be responsible jointly with the head scorer, data recorder (entry), and data checker for accuracy of information input and any corrections that need to be made, and for posing team scores and results.


He/she will be responsible for entering times into the computer, making corrections, and working in conjunction with the scorer and data checker to assure accuracy in the process.


Will be responsible for determining the official order of finish in each event and verifying the entry cards and timing sheets are correct.  He/she will cork in conjunction with the scorers and data recorders to assure accuracy in the process.


Will be responsible for putting place ribbons together for swimmers that place in their event.  He/she works in conjunction with the scoring team.

HEAT WINNER RIBBONS (home meets only)

Will be responsible for giving a heat winner ribbon to each swimmer who finishes first in their heat.

CONCESSIONS (Home meets only)

Sell food concessions to swimmers and meet attendees.  First half workers will be required to be there for set-up, 2nd half workers will be required to be there for clean up.


There will be three timers per lane.  One will be designated to be the  recording timer.  Each timer will start their watch at the starting light signal and stop it when the swimmer touches the side of the pool at the end of the race.  After reporting their time to the recording person, they will reset their watch to be ready for the next event.  The recording timer is responsible for making the swimmers recorded card available to the runners.  In the event the timer has missed the start of an event for any reason, the timer will raise their hand to signal the head timer and their watch will be traded out.


He/she will announce calls to the clerk of the course, concessions, and give sponsor information.