Meet Workers Schedule


8/5/2017 FINALS at Jeff Rouse

Meet workers will need to check in at the Volunteer Worker Table located by the spectator entrance.  You will be checked off as being present and timers will be given their watches. Please return watches to the volunteer check in or give directly to your LOW lane replacement.  

       All jobs will be in/near the pool area which will make it easy for parents to see their children swim their events. 

1st session workers check in by 7:10 a.m.

2nd and 3rd session workers check in by 10:30 a.m.

1st Session
Data Checker      Amanda Wientjes
Stroke and Turn (lane 1-3 behind blocks) Kelly Dodson       
Timer-Lane 1 Michelle Loughery
Timer-Lane 3  Brian Barnes
Timer-Lane 5 Dan Downey
Timer-Lane 8 Dan Turgeon
Lane Checker-Lane1       Roxana Yawgel
Runner Norma Hix
Hospitality Room Donna Eclipse
T-shirt Sales Jay or Bronwyn Meeks
Safety Marshall Elizabeth Fulgham
2nd Session
Head Data Peggy Bove
Data Checker Jaime Fernandez
Referee Jason Turner
Starter Heather Austin
Stoke and Turn (lane 7-9 behind blocks) Christie Leitz
Clerk of the Course Cynthia Morris
Head Timer Shannon Ford
Timer-Lane 1 Chris Russell
Timer-Lane 3 Kim or Cedric Wynn
Timer-Lane 5 Mansour Azimipour
Timer-Lane 8 Matt Robinson
Safety Marshall Johanna te Grotenhuis
3rd Session
Head Data Peggy Bove
Data Entry  Michelle Funk
Referee Jason Turner
Stroke and Turn (lane 7-9 behind blocks) Trish Beasley
Timer-Lane 1 Arnaud Balk
Timer-Lane 3 Jen Koehler
Timer-Lane 5 Richard Stanton
Timer-Lane 8 Dan Long
Hospitality Room Christine Getty
Ribbons Michelle Johnson
Safety Marshall Tammy or Johnny Valencia