Presidents News

The safety and well being of your child is of the utmost concern to Brooks Blue Marlins Swim Team!!

Swimming is different from most team sports in that there are many more swimmers than coaches. Please know where your child is at all times, including when in the water.

The following guidelines have been set to help ensure your child’s safety:

1.       Athletes must follow the rules and guidelines of the Pool.

2.       Unacceptable behavior during practice or a meet will result in probation. If the behavior persists you will be removed from the team.

3.       Swimmers age 10 & under may NOT be dropped off and left alone unattended at the pool during any practice or during a meet. If a parent or guardian cannot be with your child, please make arrangements with another parent or guardian (at least 16 years old) to look after them during a practice or swim meet. Make sure your child knows who their guardian is and is aware who to seek in case of an emergency.

Coaches and board members are not considered guardians. Please know where your child is at all times including

when in the water.

4.       Swimmers 11 – 18 must have a contact number for a parent in case of an emergency or disciplinary actions. If a swimmer must be disciplined the parents may be asked to stay with your child during all swim practices. 

5.       No one is allowed in the baby pool anytime.