Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Information

Since there are so many jobs to be done, parent participation is mandatory at each swim meet, both at home 
and away. Every family is asked to volunteer for a total of at least 3 shifts throughout the season for one 
swimmer, with a maximum of 6 shifts per family for multiple swimmers.
Positions needing volunteers are briefly discussed below. These positions have different time commitments. 
Please read over the volunteer position descriptions and find a few you are able to fill. 
Volunteer signup will be online, through the website ( Go to the Events section 
of the home page. All swim meets will be listed in this area. Each meet will have a Job Signup button to allow
volunteers to sign up for specific positions and specific shifts.


Must take a CCSL course

This person calls the swimmers to the blocks, starts each heat of the races, calls any false starts and may call some strokes and turns as needed. 


Must take a CCSL course

Responsible for being the final authority for all decisions and interpretations of the rules.  Starters and Referee could be the same person during a swim meet. 

Stroke & Turn Judges:

Must take a CCSL course

Check to make sure the swimmers swim the strokes properly and oversee 4 lanes; all in accordance with CCSL rules.  

Clerk of Course:

Must take a CCSL course

Handles all meet paperwork (heat sheets, results, scratches, etc); this is often the busiest person at the swim meet.  


This position will help to distribute, collect and deliver cards to/from the timers and officials  and gets all cards to the scorer


Verifies official times and places of swimmer in each heat; help with computer entry during the meet and help verify scoring.


Attaches label with swimmer’s results to appropriate place ribbon.  Files ribbon in swimmers files.  This position may be among last to leave after the swim meet has finished.


Announces which events are assembling in the ready area; makes other announcements as needed. Home meets ONLY.

Head Timer:

Coordinates the timing for each meet.  Meets with Timers before each meet to go over the rules and hand out stopwatches.


Uses stopwatch to time each race and record times on cards; Three timers per lane, head timer will have back up watches for anyone that does not get a start time.

Head Ready Area:

Coordinates with Ready Area Parents and places swimmers in lane order on ready bench and maintains order in the ready area.

Ready Area:

Places swimmers in lane order on ready bench and maintains order in the ready area.

Setup and Takedown Coordinator

Coordinates the set up and tear down of equipment at each home meet. Sets up benches, PA system, lane ropes, shade canopies (Saturday a.m.) etc., prior to meet (includes taking them down at end of meet and returning to Storage Unit).  Home meets ONLY.

Friday and Saturday Equipment Set-up and tear down:

Sets up benches, lane ropes, flags, pool ropes, ready area chairs, mounts starting blocks, shade canopies (Saturday a.m.), PA system etc., prior to meet (includes taking them down at end of meet and returning to Storage Unit).  Home meets ONLY.

Sponsorships Liaison:

Helps publicize swim team events; recruits corporate sponsors for team;  helps organize fundraising events, gets with Marketing Coordinator to get sponsor logos on team shirts, orders plaques, and banner for the year.


Early morning set up, sell food and drinks during all home meets. Parents work a designated shift, and help clean up and break down the concession area after the home meets.