Volunteer Positions


Volunteers keep our team afloat!!

  1. The Clear Lake Forest Swim team is a volunteer organization and to successfully run a swim meet, parent participation is required. 
  2. Each Family is required to work at least 5 shifts (one shift is about ½ of one meet) during the season meets.
  3. There are over 50 jobs that need to be filled for each home meet. Some positions require training, but most positions need only a few minutes of instruction to complete.
  4. Signing up and fulfilling your volunteer obligation is essential for the continued viability of the FINS
  5. In the event that you are unable to meet your commitment, you are responsible to arrange for a suitable substitute and you must notify the Volunteer Coordinator of this change.



“The Clear Lake Forest Fins runs as a team effort, we could not run the swim team without the swimmers and the families who volunteer!!  Thank you all!!!”

Volunteer Positions


Set-up, take down 

Set up and take down tents and benches etc.

Tent parent

Line up swimmers as they are called for their events to swim

Ready area

Help seat swimmers on benches in order and help line up younger swimmers


Time card collector before and after races


Operate a stop watch and record swimmers times

Meet scorer

Record swimmers’ finishing place and time, as well as disqualifications and scratches. Works closely with clerk of course

Ribbon writer

Complete ribbons for each child and file; involves  placing stickers on ribbons. Done at home after meet, ribbon boxes delivered to first Monday practice.


Sell food and drinks at home swim meets


Prepare grill and cook hamburgers etc for concessions


Fills in for any positions during the meet









We also need certified Stroke and Turn judges which require training every year.  If you are interested in the training please contact us.  The judges evaluate the stroke accuracy, kick, water entry, finish and overall compliance with Clear Creek Swim League rules.