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Volunteer Positions

Volunteering and Team Service

This season, all parents will be required to volunteer in some form. Failure to meet this requirement will result in your child being excluded from meets. There are multiple ways to contribute your time, and we will work to find something that fits within your schedule. There are three levels of volunteer service: no experience required, some experience required, and CCSL training required.
Most assignments are committed for one half of the meet, either first half (events 1 - 39) or the second half (events 40 - 80).  Positions that require less work may be committed for the entire meet. A job sign up will be sent before the first meet (and all following meets) to allow parents to choose their meet assignments. If you can not make a meet, it is up to the parent(s) to find a substitute to fill-in or your swimmer will not be allowed to swim in that meet. Families will need to sign up and complete a volunteer shift for EVERY meet your swimmer attends, or your child may not be allowed to participate in the meet.  Home meets are considered ALL HANDS ON DECK. Every family needs to have at least one representative help with set up and take down. 
No or Some Experience Required:
  1. Timers: we usually need 20 - 25 timers for a meet. Each timer is provided a stop watch and swimmers’ times are recorded on the entry cards. An experienced head timer will coordinate all timers and the runners. Please visit the Timer's Instructions on our website for more information.
  2. Runners: 2 - 3 people per meet half to run timer sheets back and forth to the clerk of course
  3. Scorers: Record swimmers’ finishing place and time, as well as disqualification and scratches. Works closely with clerk of course. An experienced head scorer will coordinate all scoring.
  4. Ribbon Writers: we regularly fill out more than a six hundred ribbons per meet as rewards for swimmers’ performance. May require staying a little later at meets, but always in the shade. An experienced writer will oversee the process.
  5. Tent Area: to keep the meet running smoothly, 2 - 4 parents per meet half will help corral and organize swimmers before the races. The use of a bullhorn is often used. Parents will help swimmers move from the Tent Area to the Ready Area.
  6. Ready Area: 2 - 4 parents per meet half will work with the opposing team Ready area members to line up all swimmers in the proper lane and heat. Swimmers usually sit on benches before being moved to the Starting Area.
  7. Concessions: 5 - 10 parents work to coordinate food and drink donations from all parents, and to run the concession stand during the 2 - 3 home meets. This is an essential fundraising mechanism for the team and allows us to keep registration costs in check. A concessions coordinator will oversee all volunteers.
  8. Trash Patrol/Bathroom Patrol: Empty full trash cans, replace liners and keep bathroom presentable during home swim meets.
  9. Setup and Cleanup: at home meets, 10 - 12 parents are essential to prepare the pool for the races. This requires 2 hours of setup the preceding Friday evening, and another 1 hour the morning of the meet. After the meet it will take about 30 minutes to break everything down and clean up. Cleanup is required to continue holding meets at any of the community pools. For away meets, 4-6 parents are needed to set up team tents. Whenever possible, separate experienced coordinators for setup and cleanup will manage the volunteers.

CCSL Training Required:

  1. Clerk(s) of Course: each team has one head clerk at least one assistant clerk who are the top administrative authority. The clerks organize the race schedule, process scores, scratches and substitutions, and are ultimately responsible for swimmer eligibility.
  2. Starters: calls swimmers to their blocks, starts each race. This is usually the same person for every home meet.
  3. Referees: designated officials responsible for all decisions and rule interpretations. The starter can assume both these roles.
  4. Stroke and Turn Judge: 4 - 6 required per meet to ensure swimmers’ strokes are in accordance with league rules. Judges communicate swimmer disqualifications to clerks of course.