Parent Volunteer Job


Parent Volunteers


The East Cocalico Swim Team swim meets take much effort on the part of parent volunteers to make it happen. The ECST will be looking for help from every family during the course of the swim season to make all of our meets (home and away) a success! Descriptions of the meet jobs are provided below:


Set-Up/Tear Down: (The more the better!)

Home Meets Only

Volunteers need to arrive at the pool (home only) around 4:45- 5:00 to help prepare the pool area for the meet. Swim blocks need to be installed; Back stroke flags need to be put in their place, scorers table needs to get set up etc.The more help that is there, the faster the pool can be ready for warm ups. After the meet is over volunteers need to put the pool back to the way it was.


Timer: (12 per meet)

Home and Away Meets

This is the most popular meet job among both new and experienced swim parents. You use a stopwatch to time the swimmer in your assigned lane. There are two timers per lane (1 from each team). This is a GREAT position to get an up-close view of the races.


Runner: (2 per meet)

Home Meets Only

After each race, the runner collects the times from the head timer, and takes them to the scoring table. You stay on the move throughout the meet, so it's great exercise!


Scoring Table: (2-3 per meet)

Home and Away Meets

Scorers from each team record the results following each race, and track the team scores


Data Entry: (1 or 2 per meet)

Home and Away Meets

Sits at the scoring table and enters swimmers' times into software program.


Finish Judge: (2 per meet)

Home and Away Meets

These judges stand at the end of pool and observe the end of the race. They help decide the order in which the swimmers finished the event (i.e., who won). No technical knowledge of swimming is required, but it does require a keen ability to focus your attention for close races.


Stroke & Turn Judge: (4 per meet)

Home and Away Meets

These judges determine whether a swimmer touched the end of the pool during a turn and whether the technical aspects of the swimming stroke were legal. It requires knowledge of the US Swimming stroke regulations (which are taught at the stroke and turn clinic), and a willingness to fairly disqualify swimmers when appropriate. No prior knowledge of swimming is required for this position.

*You must attend the Stroke and Turn Clinic in June to be a Stroke and Turn Judge*



Home Meets Only

This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and an ability to correctly pronounce names. You announce the names of the swimmers in each event, and work with the Starter/Referee to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly.


Dolphin Diner: (5 per meet)

Home Meets Only

The dolphin diner is a great place to work if you're not interested in watching the whole meet, but still get a break to watch your child(ren) swim. This is an important fund raiser for the team! You get to interact a lot with both kids and parents.


Ribbons:(1-2 per meet)

Home Meets Only

Volunteers sit near the scoring table and fill out the ribbons for the top 3 winners of each race.


Head Timer: (1-2 per Meet)

Home Meets Only

The Head Timer runs an extra watch for every heat and acts as a back up to the primary lane timers in the event of a watch malfunction also collects the times from each lane.