Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to a meet?
Your swimmer, lawn chairs, sun block, warm clothes if cool weather is expected, some money- concession stands will be open.

What should a swimmer bring to a meet?
A swim-suit, cap, goggles, towels (usually more than one), sun block, warm clothing, something to read or play with, water, maybe a little money. (See above)

What is an event?
It is the age group, length and stroke being swum.

How is a meet scored?
During the live heat points are awarded to the top three finishes. During the relay part of competition only the top finish scores points. These points are tallied for a final team score

What is a heat?
Some events have more than one "heat", depending on the number of swimmers competing in the event. Your swimmer's heat is usually assigned based on their previous times. This allows the swimmers to compete against swimmers of comparable skill levels.

What is an exhibition heat?
It is a heat being where the contestant swims for time and not for score. Usually, the first heat is competing for score, while subsequent heats are considered "exhibition" heats.

What is a live heat?
It is a heat that counts for overall team score. Typically, this is the first heat in an event.

What is a DQ?
It is a disqualification. Swimmers disqualify themselves when they are not swimming a stroke according to USS/league rules. This is not something bad. It is a way to help swimmers improve.

Does my child have to dive off the blocks?
No, if a swimmer is not comfortable going off the blocks he/she may jump or dive from the side of pool alongside the block - subject to forward start rules.

What length does my child swim in a meet?
The 8 and under and 10 and under swimmers swim one length (25 meters). All other age group swimmers swim 2 lengths (50 meters).

What is a flip turn?
It is a type of turn performed at the end of the first length of a multi-length event.

Is there a charge to get into a meet?
There is no charge for Dual Meet entries.  Invitational (optional) meets typically have a $3-5 admission fee.

What are warm-ups?
A short period of swimming prior to the meet that lets the swimmers get their muscles loosened up.

Does my child need to be at warm-ups?
YES! It helps the swimmers get a feel for the pool, the walls, and the starting blocks. Equally important, it gets the swimmer to the meet early enough for the coach to verify the swimmer’s attendance.

What is a line-up?
A line-up is a listing of what events the swimmers are swimming in the meet.

What if my child cannot swim in a meet?
Please let the coaches know as soon as possible if a swimmer cannot attend a meet.>

What if my child gets sick the day of the meet?
As soon as you know your swimmer won’t be attending the meet, let the coach know so they can make the necessary changes.

What is my child swimming in the upcoming meet?
The swimmers will receive an index card at the meet to let them and you know what events they will be swimming.

How can my child stay warm on chilly evenings?
They should have enough towels with them to use a dry one after each event. Sweats are also good for keeping warm between events.

Are meets canceled for inclement weather?
All meets are held rain or shine, with the exception of thunderstorms. Even if bad weather is in the forecast, unless you hear otherwise, please come to the meet. In many cases, we will wait out the storm and try to proceed with the meet. You will be notified by email and our website if a meet has been canceled.

What should my child do during the meet?
During meets, we expect all swimmers cheer each other on. They should bring books, CD’s and relaxing games to keep occupied between events.

What are the Best Time Ribbons?
Throughout the season, swimmers have the opportunity to earn Best Time ribbons every time they beat their previous personal best time in an event. Swimmers will earn ribbons by swimming their best time in any official race where they have not been disqualified.

What is staging?
This is placing the swimmers in a designated area prior to their heat of competition. This avoids missed swims.

What is a heat sheet?
This is a program of events listing swimmer’s events, heats and lane assignments. These are usually found at invitational swim meets, Divisionals or All Leagues. Heat sheets are not created for dual meets

What is a seed time?
The fastest time in which the swimmer has swum an event prior to the submission of entries for the meet. This is the time entered for the swimmer for the event. It is a good goal to try to beat this time at the meet.

What is Divisionals?
Divisionals is the end of the season swim meet. It is a meet where all 8 teams in Division III come together at the same pool to compete against each other. It is usually broken into 2 sessions- swimmers 11 and older in the AM and swimmers 10 and younger in the PM. The location of the pool changes every year.

What is All-Leagues?
All Leagues is a swim meet that is swum the weekend after Divisionals with all teams in the Lancaster Summer Swim League. All swimmers must qualify for this meet by swimming a qualifying time in their event.

If you have any other questions, please contact any member of the board or one of the coaches!