Post Season

 Are you hosting a post season swim meet?

Ribbons are reimbursable – send copy of receipt to [email protected]
(or wherever you would like to order them)
GSSSL logo can be found on the website or request by email

Budget: B-Champs $225.

Divisionals (Northern & Southern) $250

There are NO ribbons for prelims

Division & All City Trophies and All City Medals are ordered in January – please email the ship to address for them to: [email protected] ASAP

Timing Systems for Northern, Southern and All City will be paid by league @$700/meet.
North End: Cascade Swim Team [email protected]
South End: Rainier Boosters [email protected]
request that invoices are emailed to
[email protected]

All City Host pool will be reimbursed up to $5000. for bleachers/port o johns. Submit receipts to [email protected]


All Reimbursement Requests MUST BE SUBMITTED via email, with receipts attached, no later than October 1st of the year in which the expense occurred.
If there are left over AC medals please bring to fall meeting.

updated 3/1/16

Championship Host Rotation can be viewed HERE