Season Overview

How it all Works!

Age Groups – All meets include the following events – freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle relay in each age/gender bracket; thus there are 50 events per dual meet. Swimmers compete in one of ten groups as shown below. A child’s group is determined by their age as of June 1.

U-8 Girls /U-8 Boys / U-10 Girls/ U-10 Boys/U-12 Girls/U-12 Boys/ U-14 Girls/ U-14 Boys/Open Girls /Open Boys – (age 15 through age as of summer of high school graduation).

DIVISION II- Landisville is in Division II of 3 Divisions of teams making up the Lancaster County Summer Swim League. The other Division II teams are: Hempfield, L-S Otters, Millersville, Mount Joy, Conestoga Valley, New Holland, Lancaster Country Club

DUAL Meets – Dual Meets are head to head competition with another team from the Lancaster County Summer Swim League. There are eight teams in our division, which amounts to seven dual meets: three away meets and four home meets. Each age group competes for points by event. The team with the most points wins the meet. Swimmers may only compete in three events per dual meet. Dual meets begin at 6:15 pm and usually last 3 hours. You will want to send along with your swimmer: two towels (one to sit on and one to dry off with), healthy snacks, plenty of water or juice to drink, things to do while waiting to swim, goggles, and a swim cap. RELAYS OCCUR AT THE END OF THE MEET. IF YOUR SWIMMER(S) IS/ARE SCHEDULED TO PARTICIPATE IN A RELAY, HE OR SHE WILL BE ADVISED OF THIS BY THE COACHES AT PRACTICE. IF YOUR CHILD CANNOT STAY UNTIL THE END OF THE MEET, PLEASE ADVISE THE COACHES IMMEDIATELY. IF YOUR SWIMMER DOES NOT STAY AT THE MEET AND THEY ARE SCHEDULED FOR A RELAY, THE RELAY IS FORFEITED. OTHER SWIMMERS IN THE RELAY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPETE.

Dual Meet Scoring – There are typically a number of exhibition heats that swim before the “Live” heat. Only the Live heat is counted toward the team score. In the Live heat, first place is awarded five points, second place three points, and third place one point, however a team may not sweep the points for an individual event. Therefore if a team earns first and second place in an event, the third place points are awarded to the other team if they have a swimmer complete the heat without being disqualified. All Relay heats are Live but team points (seven for the winner) are only awarded to first place.

Dual Meet Ribbons – are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the live heat and for 1st in exhibition heats.

Invitational Meets – are normally held on Saturdays and typically attended by 8 to 10 teams from the league. These meets normally last about 5 to 6 hours. The team is assessed a fee by the host team for every individual and relay team entry. These entry fees are incorporated into your swimmer’s registration fee. The host team also typically charges a spectator entrance fee and a fee for heat sheets.

A summary follows of the Invitational meets we plan to attend this summer:

Woodridge – All age groups swim at this meet. Generally swimmers that are restricted from entering the CV Invitational (because of the times) can swim in this meet. Ribbons and medals are awarded.

Marauder Mini-meet – All under 8s and under 10s are eligible to swim. Hosted by the Marauder Swim Club at the Landisville Pool. Ribbons and medals are awarded.

Firecracker Mini-meet – All under 8s and under 10s are eligible to swim. Ribbons and medals are awarded. This is held at Locust Heights Pool.

Black Knight Invitational-All age groups swim at this meet. This is the “Hempfield Swim Meet” and will include the East Petersburg Bullfrogs, Hempfield Stingrays and Mountville Wave swim teams. Ribbons and Medals are awarded.

End of Season Championship Meets

Divisionals – This is the championship meet for all the teams from our division. This meet will be held at our own Landisville Pool!  Please try to attend -this meet as it is truly a team competition. Medals and ribbons are awarded.

All Leagues – This is a time qualifying meet. This meet concludes the season and includes the teams from all four Divisions. Relays are contested on Friday and individual events swim on Saturday. Trophies, medals, and ribbons are awarded. There are time standards to enter this meet. Those standards will be posted and all swimmers are encouraged attempt to qualify. All Leagues will be held at the New Holland Pool. 

Divisionals & All Leagues Scoring: Points are awarded for each individual and relay that places; 1st – 10th at Divisionals and 1st – 12th at All Leagues.

There is no limit to the number of places a team may earn per event at these meets.