• Practices are organized by age group at specific times.  Age groups are 6 and under, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 and 13 and older.You will receive a calendar of all practices prior to the start of the season.It is important to attend practices!  The entire swimming season lasts only two months, and there is only one month of practice prior to the beginning of meets.  If your swimmer attends practice regularly for those two months, there will be dramatic improvement in their times and technique.

  • New swimmers (all new 6 and under and 7/8s) attend practices the last week of April known as “swim camp” and must qualify by completing a lap in under 60 seconds.There will ONLY BE ONE opportunity to swim-a-lap. This will be on the Friday of Swim Camp.  If your child is able to swim-a-lap in under 60 seconds with strokes, they will join their age group at practices.  If they are unable to do this, we hope that they will participate in our half lapper program. 

  • 6 and under swimmers only swim freestyle and backstroke at the meets, all older swimmers could swim freestyle, backstroke, breast and butterfly depending on their times. It could change from meet to meet.

  • Practices occur 3 days a week at the Glen Pool (107 Renoir Drive) and one day a week at the Bend Pool (12805 Boheme). We do this so swimmers are comfortable at both pools.All the other team pools are similar the Bend pool, so our kids need to be comfortable with that.

  • Practices are designed to improve swimmers’ endurance and technique. Swimmers will not be timed at practices.