Meets - NO MEETS 2020 SEASON Due to Covid-19.

We generally have five meets: 2 away meets, 2 home meets, 1 bye.

Our 2019 division includes:

Memorial Bend, Memorial West, Sherwood Oaks and Thornwood

  • All meets begin at 6pm.  Arrive at 5pm for team warm-ups. Please be on time! 6 and unders do not warm-up but need to be there at 5pm.  

  • You must click attend or decline for each meet to be registered in an event through Team Unify (under the Meets & Events tab)!

  • There is a lot of downtime between events so send something for your swimmer to do – games, electronics, coloring sheets, books, crafts, cards, etc.

  • Cuda Keepers (parent volunteers) for each age group will be in charge of lining up the swimmers and getting them ready for their events. Cuda Keepers are very important to help things run smoothly at an event.

  • Always check-out with your Cuda Keeper when your swimmer has finished their events.This is important because sometimes swimmers are asked to “swim up” (swim in the next older age group). This also lets the Cuda Keeper know they are no longer responsible for your child at that meet.

  • Most 6 and unders are welcome to leave after the freestyle events ONLY IF they are not swimming in the backstroke event and their parents have completed their volunteer job. Please double check what events your child is swimming.

  • You can find out more about meets and scoring at

Heat sheets

Heat sheets are the listings of all of our swimmers and what events they are swimming at that meet. Our heat sheets show only our swimmers and are available the afternoon of the meet.  The opponents have their own heat sheet.  The away team swims in the even lanes (2, 4, 6), the home team swims in the odd lanes (1, 3, 5).  The fastest lanes are generally considered to be lanes 3 and 4.