Volunteer Resp

 Volunteer Responsibilities - There is nothing your swimmer loves more than seeing you involved in swim team!

  • 6 under Families - Your responsibilities are only for your swimmer.  It is only about one hour from when your swimmer warms up to when they are finished with the meet and your family can leave.  6 and Under only swim freestyle and backstroke.  The volunteer needs for your age group are solely "cuda keeper".  This is a job split with two volunteers who organizes the swimmers in order and walks them to the ready bench. 
  • Every family is responsible for volunteering at 4 meets. A list of volunteer jobs are available online through this website.

  • Swim meets are completely run by volunteers and we need each and every one of you to help it run smoothly.

  • Check in at the volunteer table when you arrive at the meet. You will get a clipboard, heat sheet or other supplies.

  • If you cannot fulfill your volunteer duty – Please help us by finding a replacement on your own if possible.